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The Humanities Project
The Humanities Project fosters new interdisciplinary humanistic projects among faculty and students at the University of Rochester. Learn more about the projects and the exciting line-up of speakers, films, symposia, courses, conferences, panels and performances that were selected for the 2006-07 academic year.
The Susan B. Anthony Institute for Gender and Women's Studies
Since 1986 the Susan B. Anthony Institute has offered an interdisciplinary program in women's studies, to address curricular and scholarly issues important for understanding the role of women in contemporary society.
The Frederick Douglass Institute for African and African-American Studies
The Frederick Douglass Institute has served as an interdisciplinary center, with its focus on the social sciences, though not excluding the humanities and the natural sciences. It was established to promote African and African-American studies at the University.
Eastman Computer Music Center
The Computer Music Center provides computing and digital audio facilities for musical projects by Eastman, University of Rochester, and visiting faculty, students, musicians and researchers.
Koller-Collins Center for English Studies
The Center maintains a core collection of about six thousand primary texts and reference works in all areas of British and American literature, with special holdings in the works of the Elizabethan dramatists.
The Mt. Hope Family Center
The Center conducts research and provides intervention and treatment toward promoting mental health in children, preventing child maltreatment, and fostering positive relationships between parents and their children.
Music and Sound Initiative
Music, science, and engineering play pivotal roles in the University of Rochester and in the broader Rochester community. The Music and Sound Initiative is a collaboration between Arts, Sciences, and Engineering, and the Eastman School of Music and serves as a focal point for enhancing and expanding research programs that span these disciplines.
Rochester Center for Economic Research
This Center is designed to promote creative economic research addressing a wide range of theoretical and empirical topics.
Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies
This Center is a meeting place that brings together faculty and students to study the historical legacy and current transformations within Central Europe.
W. Allen Wallis Institute of Political Economy
The Wallis Institute is a collaborative center designed to encourage interdisciplinary analysis in the fields of economics and political science.
Warner Center for Professional Development and Education Reform
The Warner Center supports the development, implementation, and research of innovative approaches to education reform. The center is currently working in the areas of literacy, early childhood, evaluation, mathematics, history, inclusion, counseling, and technology.

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