Office for Residential Life
& Housing Services

Incoming Freshmen

Roommate Assignments

We believe that an important part of the residential learning experience is getting to know and interact with new friends in a new environment. We have tried a variety of methods of selecting roommates, and while no method has emerged as perfect, we have settled on the one that works best for our students.

You will receive notification of your room assignment in early July. We will also include the name and contact information for your roommate(s) in case you want to get to know each other and make arrangements in advance for what to bring to make your room into your University home.

Unless both parties make a specific roommate request in writing on their Application/Contracts, we will pair you randomly with another freshman (most freshmen are assigned this way). Three factors are used in the pairing process. First, student rooms will be assigned to students of the same gender only. Second, we will honor your preference for a smoking or nonsmoking roommate (smoking is not allowed in any residence hall, but some students do smoke outside the halls, and we feel it is important for students to still be able to indicate smoking preference). A third factor is the “Substance Free Room,” a popular voluntary housing option. When you check the box on the application card, we will attempt to pair students who voluntarily agree not to bring any form of recreational chemical (tobacco, alcohol, etc.) into their residence hall room. Though responsibility for enforcing this agreement rests with the roommates, this is a way to make stronger initial roommate pairings.

We do not encourage best friends from home, twins, or siblings to be roommates—living together strains even the best of relationships. However, if you desire, we will honor mutual written requests from both students. We will accept roommate requests until the June 3 New Student Priority deadline. If a roommate request involves a late applicant (and it is not too late in the assignment process), the pair will be assigned based on the date of receipt of the late application. This can significantly affect the type and location of housing to which you are assigned.

If roommate difficulties arise, we will assist in mediating difficulties. If your roommate situation just doesn’t work out, please talk with your resident advisor or Area Residential Life staff. There are procedures designed to allow changes within or between buildings.