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The pieces here relate to a variety of topics including political figures, political movements, and public interests. In fact all the presidents from Reagan to Obama are represented here in various forms, ranging from buttons to t-shirts to books. It is certainly of note how the ideas behind the Robin Hood legend can and have been manipulated to fit different political circumstances, from “Reaganomics: Robin Hood in Reverse” to “Obama Hood.” The versatility of the character is perhaps one reason he is so beloved and lasting and how his name can be attributed to so many contradictory ideologies.

Rodham Hood T-Shirt

T-shirt depicting a caricature of Hillary Rodham Clinton as Robin Hood, including hat (with hammer and sickle button) and bow.  Caption reads “She Steals From Everyone and Gives to The Government." Copyright 1993 to Winner’s Circle Graphics, 1-800-377-4448.
Rodham Hood

The New Yorker

Issue of November 2, 1992, depicts a trick-or-treating William Jefferson Clinton dressed as Robin Hood, with Hillary Rodham Clinton dressed as Maid Marian, knocking on the White House door of a startled George H.W. and Barbra Bush.
Bill and Hillary as Robin and Marian

George W. Bush: Robin Hood For the Rich

By Gene P. Abel, Colonel, USAR Ret. Slogan across cover reads “'Some call you the haves and the have-mores, I call you my Base,' GWB October 20, 2004."

George W. Bush

Reaganomics Button

Metal campaign button measuring 3 inches around. Slogan atop a yellow-green background reads “Reaganomics: Robin Hood in Reverse” in black letters. Pin on back.
Reaganomics Button

Obama Hood Button

White button with image of President Barack Obama wearing a Robin Hood-style hat. It reads “Overtax da Rich Gives it to da poor”. From the collection of Lorraine K. Stock.
Obama Hood Button

Robbin’ Hood Obama

Image from Robbin’ Hood button. The graphic is based off the famous “Change” poster generated during President Obama's campaign. This version shows him with a Robin Hood-style hat and money bags in the background.
Robbin' Hood Obama

Robin Hood Was Right Button

One of the earliest artifacts in Thomas Hahn’s collection, exact date unknown.
Robin Hood Was Right

Robin Hood Was Right Bumper Sticker

Bumper Sticker with slogan “Robin Hood Was Right.”  Backing still intact. Issued by Donnelly/Colt Progressive Resources, Hampton CT.

Robin Hood Was Right Bumper Sticker

Robin Hood Was Right Book

Subtitle: A Guide to Giving Your Money for Social Change. Written by Chuck Collins, Pam Rogers, and Joan P. Garne with preface by Alfre Woodward. 286 pages. First published in 1977 by Vanguard Public Foundation. This edition published 2000 by W.W. Norton and Company, London.

Robin Hood Was Right book
Robin Hood Was Right book

Robin Hood Handbook

Written by Bill Kaysing, published by Links Books NY in 1974. 276 pages. It is a survivalist handbook, covering nutrition, shelter, clothing, community formation and so on.

Robin Hood handbook
Robin Hood handbook

Bows Against The Barrons

Written by Geoffrey Trease and illustrated by Michael Boland in 1934, first published in Moscow and Lenigrad, Russia. This book comes from the collection of the Rossell Hope Robbins Library at the University of Rochester.
Bows Against the Barons


This cartoon, which does not have a title, illustrated Robin Hood sitting in a IRS office and the man behind a desk is turning to Robin saying “You give a lot to the poor!”
Robin Hood and the IRS

Wizard of ID, Comic Strip

This cartoon by Jeff Parker and Johnny Hart, first published July 27, 2009, is from the collection of Valerie B. Johnson.

Wizard of Id