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Trinkets may be a catchall word, but these items certainly fall into the category of trinket very nicely. These are all small items that if individually owned might perhaps end up in a drawer filled with other miscellaneous tchotchkes. Here they show the scope of the Robin Hood tradition, the extent to which the legend has truly touched every day life. Buttons, necklaces, pins, and pens are all unique objects from a variety of sources. These objects show the breadth to which Robin Hood has influenced and quite literally imprinted on Anglo-American society.

Bike Adornment

This small metal piece is meant to be tied to the front of a bicycle as an emblem.
Bike emblem

Mardi Gras Beads: Friar Tuck

Mardi Gras float medallion of Friar Tuck, created out of multi-colored plastic. Tuck sits astride a barrel with a “Tucks” logo, named after the float's sponsor in New Orleans.  Medallion attached to green beaded chain.
Friar Tuck
Friar Tuck

Robin Hood Mardi Gras Coins

Mardi Gras coins, featuring differing images of Robin Hood on the face and various images and slogans associated with parade societies on the reverse.
Mardi Gras coin
Mardi Gras coin
Mardi Gras coin Mardi Gras coin


This metal medal reads “Court Robin Hood No. 2; May 5th 1865-1915; Golden Jubilee.”
Robin Hood medal


Actual uniform clothing button with “KSF” superimposed at center and “Knights of Sherwood Forest” written around edge. Maker's mark of James Luker, New York on the back, with eyelet for thread.
Knights of Sherwood Forest button

Robin Hood Lapel Pin

Lapel pin of Robin Hood as archer, maker unknown. “Indiana Jaycees” inscribed at Robin’s feet.
Lapel pin

Mickey Mouse Lapel Pin

Lapel pin, aproximately 1 inch by 1, featuring Mickey Mouse, with feathered cap, leaning on either a bow or sword, wearing a blue tunic. The date at left is “1938.”  Perhaps released in connection with the 1973 Disney cartoon Robin Hood and commemorating the 1938 Warner Brothers live action film starring Errol Flynn.  Reverse reads “Walt Disney Co., AMK Official Lic.”
Lapel pin

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Pin

Promotional pin for Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, featuring Kevin Costner. Approximately 2 inches by 2.
Promotional pin

Refrigerator Magnet

Adventures of Robin Hood refrigerator magnet, made from miniaturized version of poster for 1938 film, with Flynn and de Haviland featured in the image. Approximately 2.25 inches by 3.25.

Vargas Playing Card

The nine of hearts from a Vargas playing card deck, showing 1950s-style pin-up girl in green high heels, hot pants, halter top, and traditional Robin Hood hat, complete with feather.
Pinup playing card
Pinup playing card

Brass Shoe-Horn

Brass shoe-horn, perhaps manufactured by Robin Hood Shoes.  7.25 inches long by 3.5 tall. Handle is a Robin Hood figure, with hat, dagger, and bow with outlaw's name inscribed at his feet.


Arrow Pen

This working ballpoint pen reads "Sherwood Forest" on the side, with a small image of an archer. The pen is gold-coated plastic, with black ink. Common tourist item in the United Kingdom, with slogan changed for the location in which it is sold. From the collection of Valerie B. Johnson.

Sword Replica

Small sword replica, collectible item. Dull tip and blade.
Replica sword

Robin Hood Sword Letter Opener

Sword is approximately 4.5 inches, including the blade. It is marked “Robin Hood” near the elaborate hilt on one side. Made in China
Replica sword
Replica sword

Friar Tuck Embroidery Kit

Complete The Tales of Robin Hood: Nottingham, Sampler Kit: Friar Tuck. Includes backing fabric, pattern, and all necessary colors of thread. Unopened. From the collection of Valerie B. Johnson.
Friar Tuck embroidery kit
Friar Tuck embroidery kit

Robin Hood: His Merry Adventures, View-Master Reels

View-Master Reels nos.  972 A, B, & C.  Made in Portland, OR by Sawyer's Inc. Includes three reels. A: “RH Meets Friar Tuck.” B: “Robin Hood Meets Little John.” C: “The Shooting Match at Nottingham.” Each reel has seven three-dimensional scenes.  Accompanying leaflet offers extensive narratives for the seven “scenes” on each reel.
View Master View Master
View Master View Master
View Master View Master
View Master