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University of Rochester

Daring the Impossible: A Strong Woman Takes on the World

University of Rochester
October 19, 2007 
Luncheon 12 noon, Conversations 1:15 p.m.


Lynne Cox Lynne Cox

For Lynne Cox in 1987, this meant a 2.7 mile swim across the Bering Straits, where water temperatures range from 38-42 miles Fahrenheit. This frigid swim began a thaw of the Cold War; as Presidents Reagan and Gorbachev proclaimed that Lynne "proved by her courage how closely to each other our peoples live." The International Swimming Hall of Fame calls Lynne "the best cold water, long distance swimmer the world has ever seen." She is also the author of the critically acclaimed bookSwimming to Antarctica. (She really did).

Visit Lynne's website for more information.

At lunch, Lynne received the Susan B. Anthony Legacy Award.


Daring the Impossible: Strong Women Take on the World
October 19, 2007

International Swimming Hall of Fame member Lynne Cox, National Women's Hall of Fame member Ann Bancroft, hiker and author Carol Stone White, and other women adventurers discuss how they’ve used their physical strength, tenacity, and courage to draw attention to causes larger than their own ambitions.

Additional panelist biographies:

Ann Bancroft

Ann Bancroft

Ann Bancroft is one of the world's preeminent polar explorers and an internationally recognized leader who is dedicated to inspiring women and girls around the world to unleash the power of their dreams. Through her various roles as an explorer, educator, sought-after speaker and philanthropist, Ann believes that by sharing stories related to her dreams of outdoor adventure, she can help inspire a global audience to pursue their individual dreams.

Ann's teamwork and leadership skills have undergone severe tests during her polar expeditions and provided her with opportunities to shatter female stereotypes. The tenacity and courage that define her character have earned Ann worldwide recognition as one of today's most influential role models for women and girls. She has been named among Glamour magazine's "Women of the Year" (2001); featured in the book Remarkable Women of the Twentieth Century (1998); inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame (1995); named Ms. magazine's "Woman of the Year" (1987); and honored with numerous other awards for her accomplishments. 

Visit the Ann Bancroft Foundation's website.

Carol Stone White

Carol Stone White

Carol Stone White authored Catskill Day Hikes for All Seasons, published by the Adirondack Mountain Club in 2002, and Women with Altitude: Challenging the Adirondack High Peaks in Winter, published by North Country Books in 2005.  She is completing two hiking anthologies, Catskill Mountain Quests and Adirondack Mountain Quests, to be published by Black Dome Press in 2008.  Carol and her husband David edit Catskill Trails, the Adirondack Mountain Club’s comprehensive guide to the region.  She is Vice President of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers organization and conservation chair of the Catskill 3500 Club.  

The Whites hike year round throughout the Northeast, having completed climbs of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks in winter in 1997 and New Hampshire’s 48 High Peaks in winter in 2006. High Peaks are those exceeding 4,000 feet.  They are members of the 111ers of Northeastern USA, climbers of the region’s highest peaks.  They climbed eight 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado and enjoy exploring the nation’s National Parks.  They participate in trail maintenance projects and like to leave the forests more pristine than when they found them.

Visit Carol's website or click here for more information about her book, Women with Altitude.