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Sexual Misconduct

The University has moved toward an “affirmative consent” model that requires explicit consent from both individuals engaged in sexual activity.

>> Meeting Summary: Sexual Misconduct Forum, Fall 2015

The Student Sexual Misconduct Policy policy defines sexual misconduct, outlines student rights, identifies resources available to the student community, and guides the University’s response to reports of possible sexual misconduct, including sexual assault.

The policy mandates that consent be “informed, freely given, and mutual,” and that each participant obtain and give consent in each instance of sexual activity. According to the policy, silence does not constitute consent, and past consent does not imply present or ongoing future consent.

The policy standards clearly define individuals’ responsibilities to determine if someone is not sober enough to give informed consent. Individuals must not engage in sexual activity with a partner whom a reasonable person would realize is incapable of giving consent.

>> Read the Student Sexual Misconduct Policy (.pdf)

Contact Us: Title IX Coordinators

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law that protects people from sex discrimination in educational programs and activities at institutions, like the University of Rochester, that receive federal financial assistance.

The University of Rochester is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex and provides many resources to students, faculty and staff members to address concerns relating to discrimination on the basis of sex, which includes sexual assault and misconduct.

The following people are available as resources to you, to answer your questions and address your concerns:

University Wide

Morgan Levy
Director of Equal Opportunity Compliance and Title IX Coordinator
271 Wallis Hall

Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

Dawn Bruner
Deputy Coordinator
510 Wilson Commons

Eastman School of Music

John Hain
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
26 Gibbs Street
ESM 11

School of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr. Linda Chaudron
Deputy Coordinator
600 Elmwood Ave, Room 1-4444

School of Nursing

Lydia Rotondo
Interim Assoc. Dean for Education and Student Affairs
255 Crittenden Blvd

Simon School of Business

Karen Platt
Deputy Coordinator
202E Schlegel Hall

Warner School of Education

Logan Hazen
Deputy Coordinator
250 LeChase Hall


Kristine Shanley
Deputy Coordinator
1115 Goergen Athletic Center