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Sustainability Education

Academic Programs

Minor in Sustainability
The Sustainability minor is administered by the Multidsciplinary Studies Center and may satisfy either Natural Science or Social Science distribution, depending on selected courses.

Sustainability Clusters
There are currently four Sustainability clusters offered in the natural science/engineering, social science, and humanities divisions.

M.S. in Alternative Energy
The development of sustainable energy using solar cells, fuel cells, biofuels,and nuclear fusion has attracted tremendous attention worldwide. This post-graduate program offered by the Department of Chemical Engineering is designed for students entering with a B.S. degree in engineering or science.


Academic Year
Applications for year-long internships are solicited each fall through the Office of Student Employment. Interns work approximately 10 hours per week.

The College is sponsoring sustainability-related summer internships for students enrolled in undergraduate programs in the College. It will provide a $1000 stipend and free campus housing for the months of June and July to selected students.

Course Listing

Courses marked with an * are sustainability-focused; unmarked courses are sustainability-related.

African and African-American Studies

  • AAS 202:  The Third World
  • AAS 225:  Race and Political Representation
  • AAS 253:  Economics and Social Conditions of African Americans
  • AAS 253:  Economics of Discrimination
  • AAS 260:  Africa’s Sleeping Giant:  Nigeria since the Islamic Revolution of 1804
  • AAS 393:  Hydro-Carbon African Development


  • ANT 101:  Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 102:  Intro to Medical Anthropology
  • ANT 104:  Contemporary Issues and Anthropology
  • ANT 202:  Modern Social theory:  Key Texts and Issues
  • ANT 216:  Medical Anthropology
  • *ANT 219/EES 310:  Interdisciplinary Topics in Sustainability
  • *ANT 224:  Anthropology of Development
  • ANT 225:  Culture and Consumption
  • ANT 227:  Local and Global Market Research
  • ANT 278:  Birth and Death II:  Making Populations Healthy
  • *ANT 281K/CHE 281K:  Solving UR’s Environmental Footprint (not currently being offered)
  • *ANT 299/499:  Malawi Immersion Seminar

Art History

  • AH 274: Cultural History of American Architecture


  • *BIO 104K: Ecosystem Conservation and Human Society (Fall)
  • BIO 113:  Perspectives in Biology II
  • BIO 205:  Evolution
  • BIO 225:  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • BIO 225W:  Lab for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • BIO 247:  Environmental Animal Physiology
  • BIO 260:  Animal Behavior
  • *BIO 263: Ecology (BIO 111 or 113 and MTH 142 or 161) (Fall)
  • BIO 264:  Ecological Communities
  • BIO 266:  Tree of Life

Chemical Engineering

  • *CHE 150: Green Energy (not open to Engineering juniors or seniors) (Fall)
  • CHE 258/458:  Electrochemical Engineering and Fuel Cells
  • *CHE 260/460: Solar Cells (Fall)
  • *CHE 264/464: Biofuels (Fall)
  • CHE 279:  Chemical Engineering Practice
  • CHE 430:  Organic Electronics
  • CHE 508: Genomics and Systems Biology 


  • *CHM 286:  Energy: Science, Technology and Society (alt Spring)

Computer Science

  • CSC 199:  Social Implications of Computing (Spring)


  • DAN 208:  T’ai Chi:  Movement, Art and Culture
  • DAN 209:  Qigong Chinese Way to Health

Earth and Environmental Sciences

  • EES 101:  Introduction to Geological Sciences
  • EES 102Q/202Q:  Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Mountain Ranges
  • *EES 103:  Introduction to Environmental Science (Spring)
  • *EES 105: Introduction to Climate Change(alt Spring)
  • *EES 119/219: Energy and Society (Fall)
  • EES 201:  Evolution of the Earth
  • EES 203:  Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • EES 211: Geohazards and their Mitigation: Living on an Active Planet(Fall)
  • EES 212:  Climate Change from a Chemical Oceanography Perspective (Spring)
  • EES 213:  Hydrology and Water Resources (Fall)
  • EES 215: Environmental and Applied Geophysics (MTH 142/162) (Fall)
  • EES 216:  Environmental Geochemistry
  • EES 217/418:  Physical and Chemical Hydrology (no longer offered)
  • EES 218/418:  Atmospheric Geochemistry
  • EES 218/418:  Chemistry of Global Change (no longer offered)
  • EES 222:  Energy Resources
  • EES 265:  Paleoclimate
  • EES 266/466:  Topics in Climate and Environmental Change
  • EES 360:  Environmental Quest in the Field
  • *EES 310/ANT 219:  Interdisciplinary Topics in Sustainability (Spring)
  • *EES 318W:  Environmental Decisions (not currently being offered)
  • *EES 320: Sustainable Systems (Spring, probably Fall beginning 2013-14)


  • ECO 192Q:  Ecology of Population Growth
  • ECO 236:  Economics of Health
  • *ECO 238:  Environmental Economics (Fall)
  • ECO 263:  Public Finance

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • *ECE 590:  Energy for the 21st Century
  • *ECE 598:  Teaching, Resources, and Working in Africa


  • *ENG 245/CAS 245:  Literature and the Modern Environmental Imagination (Fall)
  • *ENG 267/CAS 267:  Media Space: Environmental Media From Cyberspace To Smartphones (Spring)


  • HIS 100:  Gateway to History:  Nature and the Environment
  • HIS 176:  Campus as a Sustainable Microcosm
  • HIS 208:  Health, Medicine, and Social Reform
  • HIS 282:  International Human Rights
  • HIS 287:  History of International and Global Health
  • HIS 295:  Politics of Energy and the Environment (unknown)
  • HIS 341/ PSC 341:  Urban Change and City Politics
  • *HIS 371:  Environmental History (2013-14, semester unknown)

International Relations

  • IR 211:  Political Economy of Africa
  • IR 213:  Political and Economic Development in Post-Colonial Societies
  • IR 217:  States and Markets
  • IR 221:  International Politics of Development
  • IR 255:  Political Causes of Underdevelopment


  • PHL 103:  Contemporary Moral Problems (Fall and Spring)
  • PHL 228/428:  Public Health Ethics
  • *PHL 230/430:  Environmental Justice (alt Spring)

Political Science

  • PSC 230:  The Politics of Poverty
  • *PSC 243:  Environmental Politics (occasional Fall)
  • *PSC 247:  Green Markets:  Opportunities and Pitfalls (Spring)
  • PSC 341/HIS 341:  Urban Change and City Politics
  • PSC 565:  Comparative Political Economy of Development


  • PSY 264:  Industrial and Organizational Pscyhology

Preventive Medicine

  • PM 420:  Public Health Policy and Politics
  • PM 470:  Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
  • PM 486:  Medical Ecology

Public Health

  • PH 101: Introduction to Public Health I (Fall and Spring)
  • PH 102: Introduction to Public Health II (Fall and Spring)
  • PH 103:  Concepts of Epidemiology (Fall)
  • PH 116:  Introduction to the U.S. Health System
  • PH 206:  Feminism, Gender and Health
  • PH 236:  Health Care and the Law

Studio Art

  • SA 132:  Introduction to 3D Art:  Recollecting Objects (unknown)
  • *SA 253:  Advanced Digital Art:  Nature 2.0 (Spring)


University of Rochester faculty either teaching or doing sustainability-related research.


Anthony Carter
Ayala Emmett (emeritus)
Kristin Doughty
Robert Foster
Joseph Lanning
Maryann McCabe
Lois Metcalf
John Osburg
Dan Reichman

Art and Art History

Cary Peppermint
Joan Saab


James Fry
Richard Glor
Robert Minckley
John Jaenike
Anthony Olek
John Werren

Chemical Engineering

Mitch Anthamatten
Eldred Chimowitz
Ben Ebenhack (emeritus)
R Jiang
Jacob Jorne
Doug Kelley
Ching Tang
David Wu
Matt Yates


Kara Bren
Todd Krauss
Udo Schroeder

Computer Science

Michael Scott


Robert Loughridge

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Karen Berger
Rory Cottrell
Cindy Ebinger
Udo Fehn (emeritus)
Penny Higgins
John Kessler
Vasilii Petrenko
Bob Poreda
John Tarduno


Mike Rizzo
R Tomaszewsk
Michael Wolkoff

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Thomas Jones


Leila Nadir


Theodore Brown
Gerald Gamm
Joseph Inikori
Elias Mandala
Stewart Weaver

International Relations

A Cohon
S Ray
R Stone

Medical Center

Camille Martina
Katrina Korfmacher
David Rich
Jeff Wyatt


Duncan Moore


Randall Curren
Richard Dees
William Fitzpatrick


David Douglass

Political Science

Avidit Acharya
Morris Pierce
Lawrence Rothenberg
Valeria Sinclair-Chapman

Public Health

Nancy Chin
Susan Fisher
Margie Shaw
Edwin Van Wijngaarden
Katie Van Wert

Warner School

Nancy Ares
David Hursh

Events & Speakers

2013-2014 speaker and seminar series to be announced.