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Take Part in Launching a Campus Strategic Summit

The New Economics Institute seeks proposals from students for a “strategic summit on the transition to a just and sustainable economy.” The Institute is looking for applications that will capture the vision of a “New Economy,” a society that prioritizes people and their impact on the planet over profits.

If selected, the Institute will award a grant of $5,000 as well as provide help in making the proposal a reality with trainings, access to the Institute’s networks, and on-going consultation.

“The hope is that this will catalyze a nationwide movement among college students and create a powerful network of student leaders committed to building the New Economy,” according to the Institute.

For students interested in pursuing this initiative further, please contact Lyle Rubin, a current Ph.D. student in the History department at the University. December 8 is the deadline to submit the proposal.

The strategic summits will lead into a June 2013 Convergence, bringing student leaders from across the nation together with other New Economy leaders and practitioners.

For more information, visit the Vision for the Campus Network page.