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For more information about recycling at the University of Rochester, contact:

Amy Kadrie
Recycling Coordinator

Recycling flyer


recycling poster

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Monroe County: Recycling Laws and Regulations

Outdoor Recycling Containers

A variety of outdoor recycling containers are located across campus. Please note, these containers are for plastic, metal, and glass (mostly bottles and cans), not paper.

River Campus

Several styles of containers are available (see Go Green, September 2010). Briefly, these include

Big Belly recycle binSolar Powered Trash Compactors (“Big Belly)”;



Ironsite recycle binDouble Ironsite; and



split-stream ironsite bin Retrofitted Split-stream Ironsite


The map below indicates the locations of these containers found on River Campus:map

Medical Center

Several styles of containers are available (see Go Green, January 2011). These include

This map shows locations throughout the Medical Center:
map of med center
download large-scale .pdf of this map