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Paper & Cardboard

Monroe County has expanded its recycling progam! As of June 1, 2011, all plastic containers numbered one through seven may be recycled. Additionally, aluminum foil, foilware and household metal pots and pans will be accepted for recycling. See the county web announcement for more details.

You can recycle most clean paper products, including:

  • newspapers, magazines, and catalogs
    includes: advertisements and inserts
  • office paper
    includes: white and colored copy paper, stapled / paper-clipped documents, computer paper (track-fed or free sheet), fax paper, glossy paper, card stock, craft paper, receipts
  • mail and envelopes
    includes: junk mail, window envelopes, letters and memos, brochures and pamphlets
  • office supplies
    includes: manila / file folders, spiral notebooks, glued notebooks and notepads, post-it notes, carbonless forms
  • flattened cardboard boxes
    includes: clean empty pizza boxes; office paper boxes; cereal, pasta, crackers, tissue, shoe, gift, etc.
  • telephone directories
  • shredded paper (strip shredded only)
  • books
    includes: all hard- and soft-covered books

not allowedNO! plates, napkins, or paper towels

Window envelopes: You can help the URMC reduce paper!  Every week, Clinical Laboratories sends out hundreds of white windowed envelopes containing lab results. Although the envelopes can be recycled along with many other varieties of paper, they are also perfect for reuse since nothing is typed or written on them.  Now you can return the envelopes to: Clinical Laboratories, Attn: Jeremy Cooper, Box 608.

You will help the department save money as well as doing your part to help save the planet!

Recycling Posters

Download and print these posters for your classroom, conference room, breakroom, dorm, or office.

Recycling flyer


For more information about recycling at the University of Rochester, contact:

Amy Kadrie

Recycling Coordinator