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There is a UCC professional on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, for emergencies

UCC On-Call: (585) 275-3113

On Campus Security Emergency x13

Life Line: (585) 275-5151

On Campus Security Non-Emergency: 5-3333

Off-Campus Security: (585) 275-3333

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UCC Location & Hours

Appointments: (585) 275-3113

Fax Number: (585) 442-0815

Box 270356, 738 Library Road
UHS Building
Rochester, New York 14627

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University Counseling Center (UCC)


We are extremely careful to protect the confidentiality of our records. Your University Counseling Center record is available only to those professionals directly involved with your care.

Information about your visits will not be disclosed without your permission to any University official or faculty member, or to your family, friends or roommates except in very specific circumstances. Those circumstances are limited to instances when your own life or that of another person is in danger and to the very rare occasions when we are presented with a subpoena.

Additionally, for evaluation purposes, we will not provide clinical information, even with your permission, to current or future employers or to agencies of the government, etc. We will, at your written request, provide clinical information to another professional for the purposes of your further treatment.

Notice of Privacy Practices Statement

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