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Sponsored by the College Center for Advising Services
Print Academic Success Seminars Flyer

Seminar One-Time Management
Co-sponsored by CETL
Monday, January 30th 3:30PM-4:20PM Dewey 2-162
Friday, February 3rd 11:50AM-12:40PM Dewey 2-110D
"Where Does All The Time Go? Time Management Strategies That Really Work!"
Effective time management leads to effective learning…and you will have more time for fun! Students attending this session will be able to identify practical strategies for organizing their time, managing procrastination and distractions, and eliminating those stressful all-nighters.

Seminar Two-Study Skills & Exam Preparation
Co-sponsored by CETL
Monday, February 13th 3:30PM-4:20PM Dewey 2-162
Friday, February 17th 11:50AM-12:40PM Dewey 2-110D
"Strategic Studying: One Size DOESN'T Fit All"
Why is it that you "read" your textbooks but can't remember what you read? Do you spend lots of time studying, only to discover that your exam grades are not what you hoped? And what should you be doing in lectures? Successful college students know that different courses require different approaches to learning. In this session, our study skills experts will help you retool your study strategies and help you walk into (and out of) your exams feeling calm and confident.

Seminar Three-Communicating with Faculty
Monday, February 27th 3:30PM-4:20PM Dewey 2-162
Friday, March 3rd 11:50AM-12:40PM Dewey 2-110D
"Hey, Did I Miss Anything Important When I Wasn't In Class Yesterday? Best Ways to Communicate With and Get to Know Your Professors."
It can be complicated to figure out the best ways to approach faculty members when you need help in a course, looking for advice about your major, or would like a letter of recommendation. In this seminar, faculty will share their tips on how to excel in developing relationships with your professors and improving your performance in their classes.

Seminar Four-Self Care
Co-Sponsored by Health Promotion Office
Monday, April 3rd 3:30PM-4:20PM Dewey 2-162
Friday, April 7th 11:50AM-12:40PM Dewey 2-110D
"Are You Kidding Me?!: I Have Two Mid Terms, a Book Review and a Presentation Next Week!?"
In this interactive presentation, participants will learn simple tips to help them thrive: how to not be fooled by "not so healthy" health foods, what power foods to keep on hand for those late night study sessions, fun ways to fit in fitness, and how to create a comfy cozy sleep environment. Then we'll all get our "om" on, with a five minute stress relief meditation.

Students who attend all 4 Academic Success Seminars will be entered into a drawing to receive a prize at the end of the semester!

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