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University Health Service (UHS)

Scheduling Appointments at UHS

Visits to the University Health Service (UHS) are by appointment. Patients schedule appointments at any UHS office by calling 585-275-2662.

Whenever possible, appointments will be scheduled with your primary care provider (PCP) at UHS. All full-time students are assigned a PCP as they enter the University. Seeing the same staff member at the University Health Service whenever you need health care will lead to a more personal and effective interaction and will provide you with greater continuity of care. We will do our best to offer you an appointment with your primary care provider within one to two days. (See UHS Health Care Providers for more information.)

During the week, appointments are available with UHS physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. On weekends, the office is staffed by a registered nurse. Appointments can be scheduled with the registered nurse.

If you need to cancel your appointment at UHS: Please call 585-275-2662 and leave a phone message at the prompt. We ask that you call at least 24 hours in advance.

UHS Locations: UHS has offices on the River Campus, in the UR Medical Center, and at the Eastman School of Music. Whenever possible, appointments are scheduled in the location nearest to where the patients live or work. (Map to UHS Building on the River Campus)

Forms for Specific Types of Appointments

If your appointment is for an annual gynecological exam or a preventive care physical exam, please complete the appropriate form below before your visit OR plan to arrive 15 minutes early to complete the form.

About Allergy Injection Services at UHS

If you need allergy injections, you can receive them at the University Health Service. We will ask you to schedule an initial appointment with a nurse by calling 585-275-2662. The documents below provide more information about receiving your allergy injections at UHS.

For more information, check Basics About UHS, Student Services, or Employee Services. To schedule an appointment at UHS, call 585-275-2662.