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To Schedule an Appointment at UHS

Call 275-2662.

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University Health Service (UHS)

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To Schedule an Appointment at UHS

Visits to the University Health Service (UHS) are by appointment. Patients can schedule an appointment at any UHS office by calling 585-275-2662. Click here for more information about scheduling an appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call 585-275-2662 toleave a message. We would like 24 hours notice.

To Ask Questions about:

To Call the University Health Service

Click here to view the list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses to reach specific offices within UHS. If you do not see a phone number for your question, you can call 585-275-2662 or e-mail for assistance.

To Contact UHS When the Offices Are Closed

Whenever the UHS offices are closed, a UHS physician is on-call and available by phone from home for urgent concerns that cannot wait until UHS re-opens. To contact the on-call physician after hours, call 585-275-2662 for instructions for reaching the on-call physician. Check here for help deciding if your condition is urgent.

To Speak with A UHS Nurse By Phone

Weekdays throughout the year, patients can call the UHS Health Information Line (585-275-1160) to speak with a registered nurse about a health concern.

To Contact Your UHS/UCC Health Care Provider – Use UHSConnect

UHS patients who would like to communicate with their University Health Service and University Counseling Center health care providers must do so via UHSConnect, a secure messaging service. You can use UHSConnect to send messages to your UHS/UCC provider(s) and to receive messages, lab, and other test results. All information communicated via UHSConnect is secure, confidential and becomes a part of your UHS/UCC electronic health record.

If you have already registered, go to to login or to reset your password. You will receive an email message any time a UHS or UCC provider sends you a secure message through UHSConnect. For urgent or life-threatening concerns, call UHS (585-275-2662), UCC (585-275-3113), or Public Safety (585-275-3333).

To Send UHS a Non-Urgent Message

You can send a message to UHS by e-mail by typing your questions and comments in the box below. You can expect a response within one or two days. E-mail is used for non-clinical questions. If your question is urgent, call UHS at 585-275-2662. If you have a question for your UHS or UCC health care provider, you must use UHSConnect (see above).

If you have questions about the Health History Form, write to If you have questions about health insurance, write to



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