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University Health Service (UHS)

Immunization Requirements & Forms

For a complete list of the immunization requirements, click on the appropriate category below.

The Allergy & Medication List is included in the packets for all incoming students and is attached here should you need another copy.

Full-time Undergraduate & Graduate Students
Contact 585-275-0697 with questions.
(Includes visiting/exchange students at the University for 8 weeks or more)

Health profession students have additional requirements. See "Medical Students" and "Other Health Profession Students" below for specifics.

Medical Students – Contact 585-275-4955 with questions.
(Includes visiting medical students at the University for 8 weeks or more)

Nursing Students – Contact 585-275-0697

Other Health Profession Students – Contact 585-275-4955

Part-time Students (Non-health profession students taking at least 6 credit hours per semester or 4 credit hours per quarter)

For more information, contact the UHS Health History Form Office at or (585) 275-0697. If you are an incoming medical student, call (585) 275-4955.