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University Health Service (UHS)

Physical Therapy Services

The University Health Service (UHS) offers physical therapy services for its patients. Some typical conditions treated by a physical therapist include, but are not limited to, overuse syndrome, tendonitis, muscle strains and sprains, and persistent pain. We recommend checking your insurance coverage before receiving services. Some insurance plans require a referral written by a health care provider for physical therapy.

Appointments are scheduled through UHS by calling 585-275-2662. If you need to discuss receiving physical therapy services, please schedule an appointment to speak with your primary care provider. Your primary care provider can write a referral, if your insurance plan requires a written referral.

Physical Therapy Locations

Call UHS at 585-275-2662 to schedule an appointment at either location.

Insurance Coverage

The method of payment will depend on your health insurance coverage. The mandatory health fee paid by full-time students does not cover visits to the physical therapist; however, the Aetna Student Health plan does provide coverage. (See below.)

For students covered by Aetna Student Health insurance through UHS:

For all patients covered by another insurance plan:

For Questions About Billing & Insurance