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University Services

University Health Service (UHS)

Phone:     585-275-2662
UHS Locations & Hours

Services:   Appointments with UHS primary care providers, information about medical services for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender or gender nonconforming patients; confidential care and services, referrals to specialists, laboratory testing.

Payment:   The cost of visits to UHS is covered by the mandatory health fee paid by full-time students. For other patients, visits are on a fee-for-service basis.

UHS Health Promotion Office

Phone:     585-273-5775
UHS Locations & Hours

Services:   The UHS health educator can help you or your group plan events and programs to raise awareness about LGBT issues.

Payment:   No charge for services.

University Counseling Center (UCC)

Phone:     585-275-3113
UCC Locations & Hours

Services:    Sexual Identity therapy, Individual, couples, and group therapy.

Payment:   The University Counseling Center (UCC) provides time-limited therapy to members of the University of Rochester community who pay the mandatory student health fee.

Other Campus Services

Pride Network

Phone:     585-275-3068
Address:   Ruth Merrill Center, 1st floor, Wilson Commons

All meetings and members are kept confidential.

Pride Network's mission is to provide and support an open and secure environment to discuss issues of sexuality and identity, provide information and resources concerning sexuality to all University members, and provide social and academic activities that are in compliance to the University of Rochester Students' Association.

Services:   Re-start Substance Abuse Services, peer support and networking, advocacy, panel discussions, films, special events, Safe Zone trainings (available by request), educational programs (available by request), website with many additional cultural and community resources.

Payment:   All services are free of charge.

Community Services

Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley

Phone:     (585) 244-8640

The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley stands as a coalition of individuals and groups working to empower gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons, to affirm their identity, and to create an atmosphere where the diversity of our community can thrive both collectively and separately. We educate and advocate for the eradication of homophobia and for full civil rights for all.

Highland Family Planning

Phone:      585.279.4890

Services: Highland Family Planning offers affordable and confidential birth control and reproductive health services for men and women, including teens. Our program is LBGTQ friendly. We offer birth control, pregnancy testing, HIV testing and counseling, STD screening and treatment, annual exams, and physicals.

Payment: Highland Family Planning accepts all major health insurance including Medicaid. For those without coverage services are available on a sliding scale. Our staff can also help clients apply for the Family Planning Benefit Program to help cover costs of services.

ImageOut Film Festival

Subset of the Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley

Services: Empty Closet - GLBT newspaper continuously published since 1973

Men of Color Health Awareness (MOCHA Project)


"The MOCHA Center (Men of Color Health Awareness) is a peer driven initiative which has been in existence since December 1996. MOCHA provides HIV/AIDS education/outreach, and community development for men of color who are identified as gay, bi-sexual or men who have sex with men (MSM) or young men who have sex with men (YMSM)."

Services:   HIV/AIDS case management and education and outreach for men of color who identify as gay, bi-sexual, or men who have sex with men.

Planned Parenthood


"Our goal is to ensure that every individual has the information, services, and freedom to make healthy, responsible decisions about sex, sexuality, and parenthood."

Services:   STI testing, women's health screenings and physicals, STI prevention and education, free condoms and dental dams

Rochester Transgender Group


Services:   Support groups and information for family/friends

For more information, contact Linda Dudman in the UHS Health Promotion Office at (585) 273-5770 or

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