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Student Health 101 is a free monthly e-magazine covering a variety of college health topics including stress, sleep, nutrition, alcohol, sexual health, colds, and more. The Stall Street Journal provides health information in a convenient location – bathroom stalls in the residence halls. The Stall Street Journal is replacing The Monthly InSTALLment.

February 2016

Student Health 101 Magazine
Stall Street Journal

Monthly InSTALLment (2015-2016)

November 2015 Sleep, Sweet Sleep
October 2015 Sex & Chocolate and Alcohol
September 2015 Get Yourself Tested

Monthly InSTALLment (2014-2015)

Aprl 2015 Get Yourself Tested
March 2015 Healthy Behaviors
February 2015 Relationships
January 2015 Wintertime Fun Ideas / Avoiding Frostbite
December 2014 Study Drugs
November 2014 Healthy Eating
October 2014 Sex, Sex, Sex
October 2014 Creepy, Crawly Bugs
September 2014 We Are Back! & Avoiding Illness is Easier Than You Think!

For more information, contact Linda Dudman in the UHS Health Promotion Office at (585) 273-5770 or

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