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Healthy Monday @ UR

Healthy Monday is a national public health campaign that the University of Rochester participates in. Colleges and Universities all over the US participate in Healthy Monday putting their own personal spin on the campaign. Healthy Monday @ UR encourages students to make Monday a day to recommit to your health. Along with the national campaign, Healthy Monday @ UR aims to make healthy lifestyles a priority and, in so doing, eliminate preventable chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Health in general is a large topic. Therefore, we encourage students to start small by having them identify what health means to them. Furthermore, asking what goals have they set for themselves around their personal health? And if they haven't set any, then what a wonderful place to start! We aim to inspire students to identify areas that they could improve on to help fend off preventable, chronic disease. Moreover, we remind students to keep in mind that not all things will happen overnight. Small changes add up to large successes!

Why Monday?

Mondays are viewed as the 'New Year of the week' and studies show, it is the day people are most likely to start a life-style change. Mondays have a special significance for many of us: it's the chance to start fresh on a new week, set a new goal, or start a new routine. We encourage you to look at Mondays, as your 52 chances per year, to start and sustain healthy behaviors, actions, attitudes, or practices in your life.

Healthy Monday Activities @ UR

Each week, we will organize activities and highlight resources that spotlight a specific theme (Motivated, Move-it, Meatless, and Mellow-out). Each Monday we encourage you to join the Healthy Monday @ UR Team and start your week off on the right track! Set your goals for the week with Motivated Monday, get to the gym more times that week starting with Move-it Monday, join us at Douglas Dining Center for Meatless Monday to have at least one meatless day that week, and finish off the month by relaxing with us on Mellow-out Monday! And who knows, you may even continue those behaviors or activities throughout the week!

Here are our weekly themes:

Week 1: Motivated Monday

The beginning of each month can be a great opportunity to re-evaluate your goals and progress. Take a moment each Monday to think about what you want to accomplish for the coming month and how you can do it. Motivated Monday encourages you to start the month off right by making sure you have the resources you need to achieve your personal goals and stay healthy and happy.

Week 2: Move-It Monday

Physical activity is not only a great way to manage weight and stress, but it is fun, too! The Goergen Athletic Center houses a fitness center, weight room, indoor track, and also different classes, including yoga, Zumba, kick-boxing, and many more. On most Move-it Mondays look for the Healthy Monday @ UR Team handing out free workout-plans before you swipe in! You can also check out our Move-It Monday page for other activities you can do to help you move-it.

Week 3: Meatless Monday

What is Meatless Monday? Meatless Monday is exactly how it sounds! One day a week with less or no meat. Substituting meat options for non-meat options just one day a week can benefit your health and the plant! You can enjoy food that will help you stay healthy and reduce your carbon footprint by joining us for the Meatless Healthy Monday dinners at Douglass every third Monday of the month.

Week 4: Mellow-Out Monday

Got stress? Find ways to manage your stress and clear your mind during our Mellow-Out Mondays! Join our ongoing activities and look forward to special events to help you wind down during the fourth week of every month. Every fourth Monday, you will find us in the Goergen Athletic Center for "Paws for Stress Relief" from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Come visit with the dogs and feel your stress lessen.

Get Involved

Do you have an interest in health? Does your group want to be part of the Healthy Monday campaign by organizing an activity? Let us know! Contact the UHS Health Promotion Office at (585) 273-5775 or send the Healthy Monday @ UR Campaign a note on

Questions? Comments?

Call us at (585) 273-5775 or stop by our office. The UHS Health Promotion Office is located on the second floor of the UHS Building on the River Campus.

For more information, contact Linda Dudman in the UHS Health Promotion Office at (585) 273-5770 or