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Healthy Monday @ UR

Week #1: Motivated Monday


What does it mean to be motivated? Most would say it means to be interested in or enthused about doing something. What motivates you? We all have many things in our lives to be motivated about. On the first Monday of the month, Healthy Monday @ UR highlights an area of life that calls for more attention at one time or another. You may find that some of the Motivated Monday themes pertain to you more than others. Our goal is to help you get motivated in areas that are meaningful to you and that may have been left on the back burner.

With so much health information out there the Healthy Monday team would like to help get you motivated to go back to the basics of health! Ask yourself this: Am I eating five fruits and vegetables a day? Am I getting eight hours of sleep? Am I drinking enough water? Am I exercising at least 30 minutes a day? If not, try to focus on one of those items for the month and see how you do! Check out the Healthy Monday Facebook page to see testimonies from our very own Healthy Monday team members on how they are doing with going back to go basics!


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