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News from UHS (Updated 11/23/15)


Online Insurance Process is open.
The online Insurance Process is now open for the Winter Open Enrollment period. Students who begin their full-time studies in January must complete the online Health Insurance Process during the winter open enrollment period. Access to the online insurance process is limited to students who are beginning full-time studies in January or who are returning to full-time status in January (i.e., return from study abroad). The link to the Online Insurance Process is in the pink Quick Links box on the UHS home page. If you have questions contact the UHS Insurance Advisors at

Open Positions – Physician/Medical Chief and Health Educator Applications are currently being accepted for two positions in the University Health Service.

World AIDS Day 2015 – December 1
In recognition of World AIDS Day (December 1), programs focusing on HIV/AIDS will be held throughout the week of November 30-December 4. For a full list of World AIDS Day programs and events, click here for the World AIDS Day Schedule of Programs and Flyer. World AIDS Day events are being co-sponsored by the UHS Health Promotion Office, C. Drew Pre-Health Society, GR Soccer, GlobeMed, Paul J. Intercultural Center, Order of Omega, River Campus Libraries, Susan B. Anthony Center, and the Center for AIDS Research.

SWARM Trainings – Monday, November 30
SWARM is a program that encourages students to make an intentional decision to intervene in a situation that has the potential to be risky, dangerous, unhealthy, or an emergency. SWARM trainings have been scheduled throughout the Fall 2015 semester. Check the schedule of training dates on the UHS web site. Pre-registration is required. Contact the UHS Health Promotion Office to register for SWARM training for yourself or your group.

PAWS for Stress Relief, Monday, Nov. 30, 6:00-7:30 p.m.
The UHS Health Promotion Office, Active Minds, and URSHAC are hosting one of their favorite programs, "Paws for Stress Relief." Come visit the therapy dogs on Monday, November 30 from 6:00-7:30 pm in the lobby of the Goergen Athletic Center. The dogs are sure to help you relax and reduce your stress.

UR Student Health Advisory Committee – Thursday, December 3
The UR Student Health Advisory Committee (URSHAC) meets with the Director of UHS on Thursday, November 12 at 5:00 p.m. (Room 220, UHS Building) to share ideas, offer suggestions, and discuss health topics. Members also work on health projects that impact the health of UR students. All students are welcome. Light refreshments will be provided. Check or contact the URSHAC chairs, Tristan and Becca, for more information.

Health Insurance for Graduating Students
Graduating students on their parent's insurance plan can usually continue until age 26. Graduates who are enrolled on the University-sponsored student health insurance plan automatically continue that coverage through July 31 (December 31 if graduating in December). Ending student coverage as a result of graduation is a "qualifying life event" that allows enrollment in another plan effective August 1. It is generally best to find a plan that has a network of providers where you will be living or one that offers nation-wide coverage. Go to for further information.

Receiving Care at UHS after Graduation
Graduates who will continue to reside in the Rochester area are welcome to continue to receive care from their UHS provider. Graduates are seen on a "Fee for Service" basis.

ADHD – Evaluation and Treatment
Check the UHS and UCC web sites for information about the diagnosis, treatment, and prescribing of medications for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Students who have been diagnosed with ADHD must provide specific documentation before medications will be prescribed by UHS health care providers. Students who have not been diagnosed with ADHD previously must complete an evaluation that includes comprehensive testing and assessment by trained professionals before medications will be prescribed. For more information...

Healthy Monday @ UR
Every Monday is a Healthy Monday @ UR!! You can make Mondays a day to recommit to your health by setting goals, being active, and being mindful of your health (spiritually, emotionally, etc.). Like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date with Healthy Monday @ UR events!!

Requesting Your Immunization Record
If you need documentation of your immunizations for graduate school, a job, or another reason, UHS can help you by providing you with a list of immunizations that are documented in the UHS database. To request your immunization record, e-mail Put "Immunization Record Request" in the subject line. Include your name, birth date, your years at the University, your student ID (if you know it), and your mailing address or fax number. Requests are usually processed in 3-5 business days.

Questions about Health Insurance
If you have questions about health insurance for full-time students and their spouses and dependents, write to the UHS Insurance Advisors at for assistance. Please include your student ID in your message. For information about health insurance, check "Health Insurance for Full-time Students" on the UHS web site.

Questions about Aetna Student Health – Numbers to Call
If you are enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Plan and have questions about your benefits, the services not covered, your ID card, the pharmacy benefit, enrolling or waiving, or other concerns, we can help you decide which number to call. Check the list of phone numbers for help. Check the Aetna Student Health web site for more information about the insurance plan.

Helpful Sites/Links

For more information, contact Linda Dudman in the UHS Health Promotion Office at (585) 273-5770 or