University of Rochester

Area Code 585
University Security

Rape Crisis Service
24 hour on-call: 546-2777

Counseling Center UCC
24 hour on-call: 275-3113

Health Service UHS
24 hour on-call: 275-2662

University Intercessor

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Sexual Assault and Dating Violence

University of Rochester Resources

If you believe you have been harassed or assaulted by a student, please consider making a formal report about the incident to University Security (585-275-3333) or a staff member in the Center for Student Conflict Management (585-275-4085). You can find information about the conduct process online here and by calling and talking to a staff member in the Center for Student Conflict Management. The University will promptly investigate your complaint and take such actions as are appropriate under the circumstances.

If you believe you have been harassed or assaulted by a staff or faculty member, or by another member of the University community or a visitor, you also have the option of making a formal complaint under the University's Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment, which can be found here: Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment. If you wish to file a formal complaint, the form to do so can be found here: Formal Complaint Form.

If you would like more information about the University's policies and processes please contact Morgan Levy, the University Title IX Coordinator at 585-275-7814. If you would like to discuss a particular incident and the options available to you related to that incident please contact the University Intercessor, Harriett Royer at 585-275-9125.

Area Code 585
University Security 275-3333

University Health Service
Physician is on-call when the offices are closed
   River Campus Office, UHS Building, 1st floor 275-2662
   Medical Center Office, Medical Center, 1-5000 area 275-2662
   Eastman School Office, Student Living Center, room 106 274-1230
   Health Promotion Office, UHS Building, 2nd floor 273-5770

University Counseling Center
UHS Building, 3rd floor 275-3113
Professional is on-call when the office is closed

   Center for Student Conflict Management
      College of Arts Sciences and Engineering