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University Health Service (UHS)

Insurance for Graduating Students

Graduating students are encouraged to check their health insurance status to assure continuing coverage and access to health care following graduation. Coverage by the mandatory health fee continues through the end of the semester/term (July 31 for students graduating in the spring and December 31 for students graduating in the fall).

  1. Students enrolled in the University-sponsored Aetna Student Health Insurance.
    Once an eligible full time student enrolls on the UR-sponsored insurance plan, coverage continues through the end of the semester/term in which they cease to be a full time registered student. For students graduating in the fall, the end date is December 31. For students graduating in the spring, coverage ends on July 31. Student dependent coverage ends the same time that student coverage ends. Due to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there is no longer a need for a continuation plan for graduates. Information about seeing coverage through ACA is provided in #3 below.
  2. Students covered on their parent's insurance plan.
    We recommend checking with your insurance company to determine if you can continue on the plan after graduation. Many young adults can remain on their parent's health insurance plan until their 26th birthday if the policy covers dependent children.
  3. Students seeking additional insurance options.
    We recommend doing an internet search based upon where you will be living.
    New for 2014 – If you have a US Social Security number and have paid taxes in any state, you may be eligible for insurance through the new US Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange in that state. For those in New York, go to For those from other states, do an internet search for the corresponding website or use International graduates continuing in special University-sponsored programs (like OPT) in the United States should check with the ISO for information about HTH Worldwide.

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