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If you have questions about health insurance for families offered through the University Health Service, contact the UHS Insurance Advisor at

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University Health Service (UHS)

For Students Beginning Full-time Studies Before August 1;

If you are beginning your full-time studies before August 1 (i.e., May, June, July), you must complete the Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Process in two steps to assure continuation of your coverage decision during the academic year.

STEP 1: From program start date through July 31, 2014
Complete the Health Insurance Enrollment Form or the Health Insurance Waiver Form before the start of your program using the appropriate paper copy of the form. This step documents your insurance coverage from your program start date through July 31, 2014. Write to to request the appropriate form.

Return your completed form to the UHS Insurance Advisor by fax (585-756-0263), by e-mail (, by hand delivery (Room 204, UHS Building), or mail (UHS Insurance Advisor, University Health Service, PO Box 270617, Rochester, NY 14627).

STEP 2: From August 1 through July 31, 2015 (Enrollment Year 2013-2014)
Complete the online Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Process by Monday, September 15.. This online process documents your insurance coverage from August 1 through July 31. Completing Step 2 is necessary even if you will be continuing the same insurance selection you made in Step 1.

The link to the online Health Insurance Enrollment/Waiver Process is in the pink Quick Links box on the UHS home page ( The site is scheduled to open on June 18. We recommend completing Step 2 as soon as possible after the online insurance site opens.

If you do not complete the online process by September 15, you will be enrolled in the University-sponsored insurance for the year. If you are planning to enroll in the University-sponsored Aetna Student Health insurance plan, please do not wait to be automatically enrolled. Waiting to be automatically enrolled could lead to problems if you should need to use the insurance coverage during the first half of the fall semester.