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If you have questions about health insurance for families offered through the University Health Service, contact the UHS Insurance Advisor at

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University Health Service (UHS)

Health Insurance for Residents of the
Eastman Institute for Oral Health

During the time of your appointment at the University of Rochester, you will be participating in a comprehensive health plan offered by the University Health Service (UHS). The health plan includes a health fee (also called the mandatory health fee) and health insurance.

Your coverage will include:

If you have a spouse and/or children:

If you are enrolling in the Aetna Student Health insurance, you can also enroll your spouse/domestic partner and dependent child(ren) in the plan. You and your spouse/domestic partner both pay the health fee, which covers visits to the University Health Service (UHS) and the University Counseling Center (UCC), and the health insurance fee.

If you are enrolling your dependent child(ren), the cost is $277.50/monththrough July 31, 2013. You do not pay the health fee for your child(ren) since the University Health Service does not provide primary care services for children under age 16. Check "Insurance for Families" for more information, including information about "Insurance Options through New York State." You child may be eligible for a program through New York State.



Contact the UHS Insurance Advisor at or 585-275-2637 if you have questions about health insurance coverage.