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If you have questions about health insurance for families offered through the University Health Service, contact the UHS Insurance Advisor at

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University Health Service (UHS)

Health Insurance for Post-Doctoral Fellows (0095)
J-1 Visa Fellows, J-1 Student Interns, and Psychiatry/Psychology Interns

During the time of your appointment at the University of Rochester, you have the option of participating in a comprehensive health plan offered by the University Health Service (UHS). The health plan includes a health fee (also called the mandatory health fee) and health insurance. If you choose to participate in the health plan, your primary care visits will be with the health care providers at the University Health Service (UHS).

If you choose to participate in the health plan, your coverage will include:

If you decide not to enroll in the health plan: You are welcome to come to the University Health Service (UHS) to receive your personal health care on a fee-for-service basis. Visits to UHS are by appointment. If you choose to come to UHS for your personal health care, we recommend calling the UHS Billing Manager at 585-275-2638 for assistance before calling to schedule an appointment.

If you would like insurance coverage for your family:

If you enroll in the health plan, you can also enroll your spouse and/or dependent child(ren). The fee to enroll your spouse is the same as the fee you pay ($41/month for the mandatory health fee and $177/month for health insurance). Your spouse's visits to the University Health Service and to the University Counseling Center are covered by the mandatory health fee.

The fee to enroll your dependent child(ren) in the health insurance portion of the health plan is $303.25/month. You do not pay the mandatory health fee for your children since UHS does not provide services for children under the age 16. Another option for your dependent children may be Child Health Plus, which is offered by New York State. There are specific eligibility requirements for this plan. For information about Child Health Plus and Healthy New York, check Insurance for Families.


Submitting the Paperwork:

Questions: Contact the UHS Insurance Advisor at