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United Way

Prizes, Awards and Winners

Rising Stars

This award is given to individuals who are relatively new to their roles as Campaign Coordinators, but have shown promise as budding United Way leaders and supporters. They are being recognized for holding engaging events, significantly increasing their department’s participation, and trying new and innovative approaches to increasing engagement in the campaign.

★ Neurology – Nancy Baldwin

★ Nursing Practice Administration – Winifred O’Neil

★ University Finance – Deborah Reed

★ Simon Business School – Carin Cole

★ Mount Hope Family Center – Lori Stevenson

Shining Stars

This award is given to individuals who truly set the example of what it means to be a successful campaign coordinator.  They take on their role with enthusiasm, a drive to succeed, and have achieved impressive results in their department’s campaign this year.

★ Pathology and Lab Medicine – Axel Kairies

★ Biostatistics and Computational Biology – Sheryl Hennekey

★ URMC Senior Leadership Offices – Pat Habets

★ Clinical Engineering – Susan Trupo

★ Radiation Oncology – Susan Walter


2017 Coordinator Awards (pdf)

2016 Coordinator Awards (pdf)