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Welcome to the new University of Rochester's homepage. This new site represents the first major redesign of the homepage in nearly five years.

From the beginning of this 10-month process, we kept one deceptively simple question in mind: How can we make an immediate and dramatic impact on visitors for whom the homepage is likely to be their first impression of the University of Rochester -- prospective students and their parents most importantly -- while also helping both new visitors and those already familiar with the University to quickly find what they are looking for?

The resulting homepage design relies on two central elements -- a strong, compelling photo and a simple, clean navigation structure -- to hopefully do just that. These elements are carried through on the second-level pages, or "sub-homes."

For the past six weeks, the site has been available in a "beta" version. During that time, we conducted usability studies with students, prospective students, and parents and received dozens of comments from members of the University community on the design, structure, and content of the new site.

We hope the resulting design lives up to our University's creed: Ever Better!

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Lori Packer

Web Editor

Michael Osadciw

Graphics Coordinator

University Communications