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The Open Enrollment Period has ended as of November 22, 2019. New hires should see below for specific information pertaining to enrollment deadlines.

  • If you are a new hire with a hire date between November 18 – December 1, 2019, you have 30 days from your hire date to complete your New Hire elections for 2019 benefits and Open Enrollment elections for 2020 benefits.
  • If you are new hire with a start date on or after December 2, 2019 your benefits are effective as of 1/1/2020.

The information on this page is specific to 2020 benefits. 2019 benefit details can be found using the Total Rewards website.

3 Easy Steps to Complete Your 2020 Benefits Enrollment

1. EXPLORE your options

Review your current benefits and expenses in order to make the best decisions during 2020 Open Enrollment:

  • Look over your health care claims and expenses from the past year using the Aetna or Excellus website.
  • Visit to review the VSP Vision Care and Hyatt Legal Plan coverage available to you.
  • Review your life insurance coverage and beneficiaries on HRMS.
  • Utilize the tools and videos available on the Total Rewards website, including the interactive ALEX tool and Securian’s online decision tool, Benefit Scout™ to better understand your benefits and receive personalized guidance.

2. ENROLL in your 2020 benefits

November 8-22, 2019: make your Health Care, Dental, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Health Savings Account (HSA), VSP Vision Care, Hyatt Legal Plan, and Life Insurance elections for 2020.

  • Health Care & Dental

    If you’d like to keep the same health care and/or dental plan as you had in 2019, no action is needed! Your health and dental elections will roll over from 2019 to 2020 if nothing is done.

    Action is required if you want to...

    • Change Your Health Plan –PPO or HSA-Eligible
    • Change Your Dental Plan – Traditional or Medallion
    • Change Your Third-Party Administrator – Aetna or Excellus
    • Change Your Dependents – add or remove a spouse, domestic partner, or child
    • Waive Coverage

    Log in to HRMS and select the 2020 Open Enrollment link to make these elections.

  • FSA and HSA

    Your 2019 FSA and HSA elections will not roll over into 2020. If you would like to begin or continue contributing to an HSA or FSA (health care FSA, limited purpose FSA, or dependent care FSA) you must log in to HRMS and select the 2020 Open Enrollment link to make these elections.

    New FSA and HSA Contribution Maximums for 2020:

    • HSA - $3,550 for single coverage
    • HSA - $7,100 for family coverage
    • HSA - Additional $1,000 contribution if the account holder is age 55 or older
    • FSA - $2,700 limit for the Health Care or Limited Purpose FSA
    • Dependent Care FSA - $5,000 per household to be used towards qualified child care expenses for a tax dependent child under 13 or a dependent adult.


    1. To be eligible to have remaining 2019 Health Care or Limited Purpose FSA funds roll over to 2020 ($500 or less), you must elect to contribute to an FSA during Open Enrollment. If no 2020 FSA election is made, you will be ineligible for FSA rollover and your leftover FSA funds from 2019 will be forfeited.
    2. If you elect the HSA-Eligible health care plan for 2020 and meet the eligibility requirements for University HSA funding (full-time faculty, staff, residents and fellows earning less than $60,000/year), remember to complete your eligibility certification on HRMS in order to receive $200 (for single) or $400 (for family) of University funding into your HSA account.
  • VSP Vision and Hyatt Legal Plan Coverage

    If you’d like to keep your same Hyatt Legal Plan coverage as you had in 2019, no action is needed! Your plan election will roll over from 2019 to 2020, but remember, Open Enrollment is the only time you can cancel your Hyatt Legal Plan.

    Routine vision coverage (annual exam and eyewear) will no longer be offered under the University Health Care Plans, effective 1/1/20. New in 2020, eligible employees are offered two VSP Vision Care plans: UR Vision Basic and UR Vision Plus. If you enrolled in the VSP Vision Care plan in 2019, your plan will automatically roll over to 2020 as the UR Vision Plus plan. If you prefer to switch to the UR Vision Basic Plan or to cancel coverage altogether, you must take action during Open Enrollment.

    Action is required if you want to:

    • Enroll for the first time.
    • Change your current VSP Vision Care plan (UR Vision Plus) to the UR Vision Basic plan.
    • Cancel your coverage.

    You may take any of these actions by logging in to HRMS and selecting the YOUR Benefits Extras link.

  • Life Insurance

    Log in to HRMS and select the Securian Financial link to review/update your Life Insurance beneficiaries and make changes to your coverage.

    Action is required if you:

    • Are electing Group Universal Life (GUL) insurance for the first time.
    • Want to increase your GUL insurance coverage by one multiple, if eligible, up to the lesser of six times your annual salary or $1,000,000 without submitting proof of good health (applicants previously declined coverage must provide proof of good health).
    • Want to change your beneficiaries.


Watch for your confirmation statement in the mail in December, 2019.

While you’re here, take a look at the other benefits available to University of Rochester employees such as the Retirement Program, Well-U, Tuition Benefits, Home Ownership Incentive Program and more!

Which Plan is Right for Me?

2020 ALEX Tool
An interactive benefits tool that will guide you through the benefit plan selection process, explaining terminology and plan differences, comparing costs, etc.

2020 Health Plan Comparison Chart
A side-by-side comparison of your health plan options, including costs for different providers and services.

2020 Health and Dental Plan Rates
View the rates, or premiums, you will pay out of your paycheck.

Life Insurance Plan Summary
Learn about your open enrollment options, rates, and how to enroll.

YOUR Benefits Extras Website
Understand your options for VSP Vision Care and Hyatt Legal Plans for 2020.

Helpful Information


2020 Group Universal Life (GUL) Insurance Application
Life Insurance Change Request Form
Beneficiary Designation and Change Request Form

Employees are encouraged to use HRMS for all health, dental, FSA and HSA elections. Forms can be supplied by request only by emailing

Tools & Videos

  • Benefit Scout™ - Securian’s interactive life insurance decision tool you and your family determine how much life insurance you need and how much it will cost.
  • 2020 Open Enrollment Webinar – Open Enrollment Overview will give you a basic understanding of the benefits we offer and how to enroll.
  • Additional Videos: Find more specific information on health care plans, HSAs, FSAs, and the Life Insurance Plan options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to 2020 Open Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions about updates to the plans and the enrollment process.

Still have questions? See our Total Rewards FAQs to answer general questions on Health Care Plans, FSAs, HSAs, Dental Plans, Life Insurance Plans, Hyatt Legal Plans, VSP Vision Care, Wellness, and more.


You should have received an Open Enrollment newsletter within the folder you received in the mail or within the email you received mid-October (for those enrolled in e-delivery). If you haven’t read it yet, please take a moment to read the newsletter that applies to you. Please note that Open Enrollment has changed to November 8-22.

Open Enrollment Communications

Can’t find an email? Check out all of the Open Enrollment Communications that have been sent out, updated every week!

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