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Life Insurance

Protect Your Family

In the event of the loss of a loved one,
the University of Rochester offers
group life insurance coverage.

Group Optional Term Life (GOTL) insurance will no longer be offered effective 11/01/2018. If you’re currently enrolled in GOTL coverage, it will be converted to Group Universal Life (GUL) effective 11/01/2018. Employees currently insured for GOTL will need to designate a beneficiary for GUL insurance in November.

(If you are not actively at work as of 11/1/18 [i.e. layoff, leave of absence, long-term disability or NYS Paid Family Leave], you will continue to be covered under GOTL insurance until such time as you return to active employment. Upon return to work, your GOTL insurance will be converted to GUL insurance).

Have you recently had a family status change?

Within 90 days of a qualifying family status change you may enroll in or increase your Group Universal Life (GUL) Insurance coverage amount without proof of good health. You also may elect additional dependent coverage without proof of good health. To take advantage of the guaranteed amounts, you must be actively at work and may not have been previously declined for coverage under the plan. Please see page 13 of the Group Life Insurance Guide for guaranteed coverage amount limits.