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Walking Meetings

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the average person, regardless of fitness level, should exercise 30 minutes per day, at least five days a week in order to reduce the risk of disease and help lead a longer, healthier life. This equates to about 10,000 steps per day! How is that possible for people who work at desk jobs all day?

Have a walking meeting!

Not only do walking meetings help you burn calories to stay fit, they also inspire creativity and can help you solve problems faster!

Tips for organizing a successful walking meeting

  • Organize everything you’ll need for the meeting ahead of time
  • Make sure everyone knows to wear comfortable shoes
  • Consider having the meeting early in the workday to set the tone for the day or later in the afternoon to give everyone an energy boost
  • Figure out how long your meeting should be and plan your route
  • Check the weather beforehand

Walking Paths