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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Below is a list of frequently asked questions from employees just like yourself. These questions refer to our personal health management programs including biometric screening, personal health assessment, and personalized health & wellness programs. If you have additional questions please email and we can further assist you. Additionally if you would like your question featured on our FAQ page please let us know.

Biometric Screening  •  Personal Health Assessment  •  Healthy Living Center

Biometric Screening

What is a Biometric Health Screening?
A biometric screening is an easy method of assessing your risk for cardiovascular problems now and in the future. A biometric screening includes measures of height, weight, waist circumference and body mass index (BMI); blood pressure and heart rate; total lipid panel, including total cholesterol, high density lipoproteins (HDL), non HDL and triglycerides; and blood glucose. The biometric screening is done by registered nurse from the School of Nursing Center for Employee Wellness who is trained in performing screenings and interpreting results. The nurse performs a finger stick to obtain a small sample of blood from you which is analyzed using on site technology. Results are available within minutes and nurses provide direct feedback to you about your results. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the screening. To schedule an appointment use our convenient online scheduler

Who is eligible to complete the Biometric Screening?
Biometric Screenings are available at no cost to regular full-time and part-time faculty and staff (including SEIU employees). Non-Medicare eligible retirees and spouses who are enrolled in a University Health Care Plan are also eligible.

How do I schedule an appointment?
The clinic schedule is posted at eHealthScheduling. Clinics operate in a walk in format, but you may schedule a specific time using the online scheduling system if you choose.

Do I need to fast for the screening?
No you do not, but if you can avoid eating for about 4 to 6 hours before the screening, your blood sugar result may be more accurate.

Will my personal results be shared?
No. Your personal results are entirely confidential. The University of Rochester will receive an aggregate report that summarizes total average numbers to assist in planning Employee Wellness programs.

Will my results be sent to my physician’s office?
No. However, we encourage you to bring your report to your next doctor's visit or send the office a copy for your medical records file.

For all other questions, contact Well-U by calling 273-5240 or emailing

Personal Health Assessment

What is a Personal Health Assessment (PHA)?
A personal health assessment (PHA) is a confidential, self administered questionnaire that asks a series of questions about your lifestyle habits, your health history and your current health status. The questionnaire is offered online and takes about 15 minutes to complete. The final PHA includes the results of your biometric screening, and provides you with information about your current health status and risk for developing certain chronic conditions. Recommendations about making healthy lifestyle choices are individualized to you. You will be offered referral options to programs to help you improve your health and well being. Your recommendations will include access to free resources (online and on site) to help you manage your health.

Who is eligible to complete the Personal Health Assessment?
The PHA is available for all regular full-time and part-time faculty and staff (including active SEIU). Non-Medicare eligible retirees and spouses and domestic partners who are enrolled in a University Health Care Plan are also eligible.

Is my privacy protected?
Yes. The PHA is provided by the School of Nursing (SON) and the information you supply is completely confidential, protected by federal law, and cannot be divulged to anyone without your permission.

Is it true, there is a $100 incentive for completing the PHA?
Yes, there is an incentive for completing the PHA. In order to be eligible, you must make sure you enter your biometric numbers in the appropriate section. To learn more about getting your up to date biometric numbers, visit the biometric screening page.

Who's eligible for the incentive?
Non-Medicare eligible retirees, faculty/staff members and their spouses and domestic partners enrolled in a University Health Care Plan who complete the PHA will receive a $100 cash incentive (subject to taxes) that will be credited to their paycheck. If completed by March 31st, eligible participants will receive an extra $25. At this time, SEIU employees are ineligible for the incentive.

How long does it take to receive $100?
Once an employee or eligible spouse/domestic partner completes the Personal Health Assessment, it takes approximately 2-4 weeks for the incentive to be credited to the employees' paycheck. Employees should check their paycheck and look under additional earnings.

How often can the PHA be completed?
You can take the PHA once during a calendar year. All employees can return for a follow up value for glucose, lipid panel, BMI or blood pressure one time during the same calendar year after the initial biometric screening.

Questions regarding the biometric screenings not addressed on this FAQ page, can be sent to:

Healthy Living Center

What is the Healthy Living Center?
The Healthy Living Center is part of the University of Rochester. We are here to help employees get and stay healthy through group and one-one programs that have been proven to work. We help employees lose weight, improve their diet and nutrition, reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, quit smoking and reduce stress. Our services are FREE for eligible employees, who enjoy lots of support and encouragement all along the way!

Will my employer be able to access my information?
No. All of your information is handled confidentially. The University of Rochester does not have access to your medical record or personal health information.

Will the University use this information to raise my health insurance premiums?
The University is interested in creating a culture of health and wellness because they believe it will improve the quality of life for all of its employees and help contain health care costs. The University is provided aggregate health status information, which only helps leadership make decisions regarding the benefits and services offered to employees.

How come I’ve never heard of you before?
The Healthy Living Center is relatively new. We’ve only been open since 2010 and are located off-site, at 46 Prince Street, near the Memorial Art Gallery. We are working closely with Well-U, Public Relations, the School of Nursing, and our network of primary care physicians to get the word out.

Do you see employees at the Medical Center or other locations besides Prince Street?
Yes, we currently offer our group weight loss program at Corporate Woods, Sawgrass, Saunders Research Building, River Campus and the Medical Center. We have plans to hold more programs at the Medical Center. Stay tuned!

Do I have to have a biometric screening done before I can make an appointment?
No, but it's a good place to start. Because our programs are designed to improve health and reduce cardiovascular and other risks, we may need some lab work or other health information to determine whether you would benefit from a program. You can provide this information or ask your primary care physician to provide it to us.

Why do you need my employee number?
Our services are made available through employee wellness benefits. Your employee number is needed to verify your eligibility to use our services and to process your incentive payments.

Do you use the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)?
Yes. Individual services are documented in the EMR just like a doctor’s office visit. You can view information and communicate with our team members through MyChart.

HEALTHY LIVING CENTER • 46 Prince Street • Rochester, NY 14607 • (585) 530-2050