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Accounts Payable

Marta Herman, Accounts Payable Manager

Brooks Landing Business Center
Box 278958
910 Genesee Street, Suite 200
Rochester, NY  14611-3847
Phone (585) 275-7880
Fax (585) 256-0923

Accounts Payable is responsible for payments to suppliers, requests for payments, printing of checks, inquiries regarding payments, and travel & conference reimbursements. 

Inquiries can be sent via e-mail or by calling Accounts Payable Customer Service.

Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Customer Service(585) 275-3483 *
Inquiries regarding invoices and requests for payment, checks, charges to ledgers, and FedEx billing issuesSelect phone option 1 *
Travel/Conference forms, American Express Corporate Card Select phone option 2 *
Taxable payments and outstanding checks, nonresident alien/GLACIER paymentsSelect phone option 3 *

Requests for tax exempt forms to suppliers should be sent to the Accounts Payable E-Mail.

F3 and F4 forms should be mailed to Box 278958.