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This unit is responsible for Endowment, Plant Accounting, Capital Equipment and Financial & Taxation Reporting.  The unit is broken down into several responsibility centers - please use the chart below to find the person who can best assist you.

Associate Controller, Karen Sodoma:  (585) 275-6452

Financial Statements - The Financial Reporting and Analysis department (FR&A) prepares financial statements on a quarterly basis for both internal and external users.  In addition, financial analysis schedules are prepared for each asset, liability, revenue, and expense line.  At year-end (June 30), financial statement footnotes are prepared for the annual report. The FR&A department also prepares and distributes a variety of routine filings/surveys.  This includes, but is not limited to: economic surveys for the U.S. Department of Commerce; annual finance section of Integrated Post-Secondary Educational Data System (IPEDS); finance sections of financial aid filings; and annual investor profiles for Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.

Anne Tucker, Manager   


Taxes - This team annually files IRS forms 990 (Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax) and 990-T (Exempt Organization Business Tax Return). It is also responsible for filing several other forms, such as multi-state corporate tax returns, quarterly New York State sales tax returns, and annual foreign tax filings.  Additionally, IRS W-9 forms (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number), multi-state sales tax exemption forms, and IRS 501(c) (3) exempt status certificates are filed.

Caroline Burnicki, Senior Director  585-275-7752  
Anne Tucker,


Financial Reporting coordinates the preparation of the quarterly financial statements, various financial analyses, regulatory filings and surveys and the annual financial statement external audit.

Carrie Ballou,


Cash Accounting is responsible for the accounting for daily banking activities, correspondence with various cashiering areas, implementing first notice rules and bank reconciliation rules.  The team also overseas the petty cash request process.

Jennifer Baker,  


General Accounting is responsible for maintaining the chart of accounts, journal entry processing, monthly general ledger closes and various account reconciliations.

Jennifer Baker,  


Plant Accounting oversees accounting and financial reporting for the University’s fixed assets, equipment, and long-term debt. This involves the issuance of equipment tags, processing debt transactions, and various regulatory filings. The team also manages the University’s moveable equipment survey, grants access to the equipment module of the University’s space management database (URSpace), and trains administrators to use the URSpace module. 

Carrie Ballou,  


Endowment Accounting oversees accounting and financial reporting for all endowments, pledges, and split-interest agreements (gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts , charitable remainder annuity trusts, and life income agreements). This includes monthly wire processing and various regulatory reporting and filings.  The team is also responsible for Fundriver transaction processing, system maintenance, training, and gift reporting.

Shannon Ozkum,