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All forms are in either Excel or Acrobat PDF format. Please download the latest version, delete outdated copies and check back for periodic updates.

New Form Users:  Review the Introduction to Forms instructional video first, before using any updated form.

Form NameForm Link

Effective Date            

Journal Entry Form - for internal transfers

excel Journal Entry Form

Additional Instructional video and Guidance

Banking Entry

excel Banking Entry Form / pdfBanking Entry Form

Additional  Instructional video

with deposits posting


Accounts Payable Request  excel AP Request / pdf AP Request02/27/18
Request for Advance Travel Ticketsexcel Form F-2 / pdf Form F-2 updated
Employee Expense Report

excel Form F-3 / pdf Form F-3  

Valid Spend Categories for F-3 Form (ETE) as of 02-24-15

Additional  Instructional video

Student Expense Report

excel ONLY Form F-34 


Payment Request

excel  Form F-4 / pdf Form F-4  

Payment Request Instructions (docx)

F4 Payment Request Form Training Reference (pptx)

F4 Acceptable Use List(docx)


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Request

Form F-4 EFT(excel)


Petty Cash Fund Request

First Notice Rule Form for Automated Booking of Bank Deposit

excel  Form F-9 / pdf Form F-9 

First Notice Rule Form for Automated Booking of Bank Deposit



Petty Cash Voucherexcel  Form F-5 / pdf Form F-5 12/29/14
Petty Cash Summaryexcel  Form F-6 / pdf Form F-6 06/18/19
Recommended Tool:
Reporting of Taxable Payments
Form F-1 (rev. 6/09)
Foreign Nationals/GLACIER Payment Information

GLACIER Information

S Tax Information for Nonresident 
Alien Consultants and Guest Speakers
Instructions (pdf format)
American Express Corporate Card ApplicationAMEX (rev. 08/11)
Request for Taxpayer Identification NumberForm W-9 (.pdf format) (rev. 11/05)
Instructions (.pdf format)
NIH Salary Cap Reallocation CalculationCapCalculation Form
Request for a new project accountNew project account (rev 12/14)01/02/15
Request for project closureProject Closure (rev 12/14)01/02/15
UR Financials FAO or Spend or Revenue Category Request Form

pdf UR Financials FAO Request Add or Change Form and Instructions

pdf UR Financials FAO Inactivate Request Form and Instructions

pdf UR Financials Revenue Spend Category Request Form and Instructions

word UR Financials Revenue Spend Category Request Form and Instructions

Service Center Additional Information Form