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Mileage Reimbursement Rate Update

The University is adjusting its mileage reimbursement rates to reflect the new IRS rates. Effective January 1, 2019 the business mileage reimbursement rate will be 58.0 cents per mile.

2019 Fiscal Year-End Finance Announcements

As the University's fiscal year end approaches for June 30, 2019, there are special timing considerations and actions required on your part in order to ensure that all financial transactions are recorded properly and in the current fiscal year.

Payroll Reallocation Changes – Requests for payroll reallocation changes on Form 800 should be received no later than 4PM on Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Please send your materials to Laura Bardossi, Box 278893.

Payment Request (F-4) and Student Expense Report for University Business (F-34) - AP Cost Transfer Forms and corrections must be received in Accounts Payable no later than 4PM on Friday, June 21, 2019. Please send to Accounts Payable, RC Box 278958.

Employee Expense Reports (F-3) – must be received in Accounts Payable no later than 4PM on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 for posting in FY19 June period. We are also planning to post the July 5, 2019 Travel and Expense payroll into June period as well but we can’t guarantee F3 forms received after June 25 will be included in the July 5 payroll. Please send to Accounts Payable, RC Box 278958.

All Grant related entries - need to be completed by 5pm on Friday, June 28 2019

All journal entry forms and 312 requisitions (non-purchasing) - must be received by central finance by 4PM on Monday, July 1, 2019

Preliminary reports available in the morning on Saturday, July 6 2019

Final reports available in the morning on Thursday, July 11, 2019

NOTE: If you should have any questions or need further clarification:

F4 Payment Request Transition Extended

The deadline for transitioning to the updated F4 form has been extended until Fiscal Year 2019.  This change will better ensure that underlying purchase order sub-processes (e.g., supplier qualification) can be updated to accommodate the additional activity expected on requisitions/purchase orders.  This extension allows time for consideration of purchasing system and Pcard announcements that will be forthcoming.

The F4 Acceptable Use listing has also been updated to address several situations for which clarification is being provided.  This and other clarifications have been updated in the Instructions. 

The F4 form now incorporate minor updates to alignment, spacing and flow.   The EFT version of the form has also been updated. 

Finally, the F4 Payment Request Policy has been updated to reflect the changes associated with the revised form.  Periodically check the Finance and Treasury websites for the updated forms and policies to ensure you have the most recent versions.

1-hour training sessions are available where Marta Herman, Accounts Payable Manager, and Purchasing will present and be available to answer questions. Only use the signup genius to reserve a spot to attend in person.  Alternatively, you can attend via Zoom, without registering, at your desk, by clicking on this link on appropriate date below a few minutes before the session start time and dial into the conference call +1 408 638 0968  or +1 646 876 9923  or +1 669 900 6833 Meeting ID: 698 848 5897.  You will be able to ask questions from the conference line and follow along on the slides I am presenting.

Monday               February 12, 11-noon

Monday               February 26, 1-2pm

Monday               March 12, 11-noon

Monday               March 26, 1-2pm

Monday               April 16, 11-noon

Monday               May 7, 11-noon

Monday               June 11, 11-noon

If you are not sure what the issue is on your form or how to resolve it after reviewing the resource documents, please send an email to our AP email address ( so that we can identify an appropriate person to follow up and discuss the issue and resolution.

Finance Moving and Mileage Reimbursement Updates

The Internal Revenue Code that provided an exclusion from employees’ income for qualified moving expense payments and reimbursements made by employers has been suspended, except for military-related moving expenses, for tax years 2018 through 2025.

 All moving expenses reimbursed beginning January 1, 2018 will be taxable to the employee and subject to tax withholding.  Accordingly, beginning on 1/1/2018, all reimbursements of moving expenses to current or prospective employees should be reported to Payroll using a 211 form so that the appropriate taxes may be withheld from employee paychecks.  This is true even if the expenses were incurred in a prior year, and the employee is not reimbursed until 2018.

Please review the updated Moving Policy and Mileage Reimbursement Policy for more information.

December 2017 F4 Payment Request Acceptable Use Updates

The F4 Payment Request form Acceptable Usage list (see page 3 of the Instructions) has been updated for additional activities that do not require a purchase order.  You may submit invoices for the following purchases/payments to Accounts Payable with a completed F4 form:

By permitting these transactions to be paid via F4, Purchasing will be able to focus efforts on other contracts/negotiations and purchase orders that are being directed to them as a result of the F4 form update.

The above updates, and any future updates, will be reflected in the Payment Request Instructions located on the Finance Forms webpage.

F4 Payment Request Updates

Important updates to the F4 Payment Request Form have been made.  The form has been updated to require initiating departments to actively demonstrate compliance with University policies and capture more information in a consistent manner.   Please read the Instructions – extensive updates and clarifications have been included.

Several 1-hour training sessions are available where Marta Herman, Accounts Payable Manager, and Purchasing will present and be available to answer questions. Use the signup genius to reserve a spot to attend in person or join via Zoom.  Call in numbers are the same for all sessions: 888-330-3581 participant code 2960254.

Monday November 20, 11-noon
ThursdayNovember 30, 1:30-2:30
MondayDecember 11, 11-noon
MondayDecember 18, 11-noon
TuesdayJanuary 9, 11-noon
TuesdayJanuary 30, 11-noon

Resources for understanding updates to the F4 form are available:

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I start using the new form/can I use the old form?
Start using the new form now. You can use the old form for a short period of time.  We are giving time for departments to get on board with the new form and instructions.   Hard enforcement will begin 2/1/18.

I have a lot of people that need to be trained/Brooks Landing is not convenient for my group to attend/will you have Zoom for the sessions?
Zoom is now set up for each session and is posted on our website.
If you have a large group of people in your department, or there are a couple departments that want to join together and coordinate a large group of attendees (30+ people) contact Marta directly to set up a separate training session to be held at a location of your choice.

Is the EFT version being updated as well?
The EFT version of the form will be updated soon (expected by 11/22).  It will replace the old version which is on the Treasury website – check there for the new form.

We order food for meetings throughout the year/I send an F4 every month to pay my consultant $*k/Can I still use F4 for my direct bill arrangement?
These situations are indicative of ongoing business and the department should contact purchasing to review any contracts that might already be in place and establish a purchase order.

I don’t know how much everyone else pays this supplier/ over what time period is the $25k rule pertinent?
Departments are not expected to go around asking others how much they spend with a supplier (with regard to meeting the $25k threshold).  Individuals should rely on their own knowledge of activity with the supplier to determine if the $25k threshold will be met. 

There is no time period, if you are going to pay $25k+ over several years, then you meet the criteria for needing a contract.

I’ve been paying my supplier on F4s, how do I know if they are approved/qualified?
Accounts Payable does not have access to this information.  Please contact Purchasing.

Mileage Reimbursement Rate Update
The University is adjusting its mileage reimbursement rates to reflect the new IRS rates. Effective January 1, the business mileage reimbursement rate will be 58 cents per mile. There is no longer a tax-free reimbursement of employee relocation mileage.  See Moving Policy for additional information.