Become more diverse, inclusive and equitable

Recruit and Retain

​Establish a comprehensive, inclusive, and equitable talent management approach

  • Explore new hiring, professional development, and evaluation processes that support the recruitment and retention of diverse constituencies across the varied domains in which faculty, students, researchers, and staff work; remove barriers to the recruitment and retention of populations with special needs; ensure equitable hiring and evaluation practices across racial groups and gender identities
  • Create new on-boarding for staff to assist them in acculturating to AS&E and readying them to be productive and effective members of the community
  • Expand partner hiring options by leveraging regional connections with industry and other educational institutions
  • Prioritize the creation of scholarships, professorships, and support funds to offer new ways of attracting diverse candidates
  • Expand cluster hiring possibilities by soliciting proposals in areas related to our diversity aspirations
  • Ensure that all staff and faculty are equitably treated through performance reviews, salary, promotions, and other measures
Interconnected Priorities
Exceptional Research — Leverage

Empower all of our community members to have a voice in our future

  • Use existing structures (e.g., Faculty Council, Students’ Association, College Diversity Roundtable, Graduate Student Association, all-staff meetings) and create new ones to facilitate student, staff, and faculty input and feedback on our policies, challenges, and shared goals
  • Develop multiple avenues for communication (confidential, small groups, ombuds) such that all community members feel empowered and able to provide input and feedback on AS&E actions, policies, and proposals
  • Make the campus more inclusive for those with disabilities
  • Partner with central administration to ensure student, staff, and faculty input into the next University strategic plan and fundraising plan

Raise the visibility of our named institutes to make AS&E a national leader on topics of equity and inclusion

  • Empower and support the new leadership of the Frederick Douglass Institute to move aggressively toward national prominence in the field of African and African American studies and complex social issues related to race and ethnicity
  • Provide support to the Susan B. Anthony Institute in its work toward becoming a prominent national resource on scholarship and teaching related to gender and sexuality
  • Explore opportunities for new interdisciplinary and identity-related institutes and centers (e.g., Disability studies, Hispanic studies, Asian studies)
Interconnected Priorities
Distinctive Education — PreparationExceptional Research — Support

Partner with the new University Office of Equity and Inclusion to expand training and resources available to AS&E students, faculty, staff, and researchers

  • Deepen training on best practices in hiring, evaluation, tenure, and retention to minimize bias and achieve diversity goals
  • Collaborate with and leverage central resources to minimize redundancy

Better connect to and partner with alumni of color, international alumni, and LGBTQI alumni

  • Partner with Alumni Relations to create meaningful new forms of engagement with alumni who are not currently connected to campus
  • Prioritize diversifying our National Council and related engagement committees
  • Offer alumni meaningful opportunities to mentor current University students and assist them in achieving their educational and professional goals
Interconnected Priorities
Distinctive Education — Graduation Rates

Provide opportunities and resources for faculty and staff to acquire the skills needed to fully engage in a multi-cultural campus environment

  • Provide intensive training in cultural awareness and communication, as well as in creating and sustaining inclusive working, research, and teaching environments
  • Model difficult conversations and civil discourse
  • Offer restorative practice training for all members of the community and provide a platform for restorative practices to be used by the whole of the AS&E community to manage conflict and address harms productively
Interconnected Priorities
Distinctive Education — 12 Month Campus