Imagining the future of AS&E

With input from faculty, staff, and students in Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E), we’ve identified these aspirations to focus our planning and decision-making for the future.

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Arts, Sciences & Engineering (AS&E) strives to nurture educational excellence, to foster an exceptional research environment, and to promote social responsibility for all members of our community. Hallmarks of the AS&E experience are strong impact through research and scholarship, advancement of the academic, professional and personal growth of our students, staff, and faculty, and empowering the next wave of global citizens.

Our priorities lie in three interconnected domains: becoming more diverse, inclusive and equitable; improving educational experiences and outcomes for all students; and advancing our impact as a research institution. Success in each of these areas is intimately dependent on the other two, and thus many of the bullet points in each section directly or indirectly reflect those in other sections.

The driving force behind all of these priorities is to make Arts, Sciences & Engineering, and the University of Rochester more generally, a destination of choice for faculty, students, staff, visitors, and post-docs.


Become more diverse, inclusive and equitable

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Improve educational experiences and outcomes

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Advance our impact as a research institution

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