Advance our impact as a research institution


Create and support internationally recognized research programs within and across departments throughout AS&E’s divisions: arts/humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and engineering

  • Encourage faculty, staff, and students to propose strategic research initiatives on a rolling basis, providing new resources to support the most promising opportunities when they arise
  • Encourage and support new opportunities for high-impact, multi-unit grants within AS&E, across the institution, and with other institutions
  • Increase resources to hire and retain the most successful researchers
  • Provide training for staff to be able to support the pre-award and post-award stages of research projects
Interconnected Priorities
Intrinsic Inclusivity — VisibilityDistinctive Education — Preparation

Assist faculty in exploring new directions in research and scholarship

  • Expand our pilot funds for our strongest researchers to explore new avenues of scholarship
  • Support new research in areas of inclusiveness, equity, and diversity
  • Incentivize departments to develop plans to reinvigorate the research careers of those who are struggling in their research endeavors
  • Assess the effectiveness of these efforts through annual reviews

Enhance resources for research

  • Enhance our sabbatical policy to provide the time for the scholarship of faculty from divisions of AS&E that are not grant-driven to support their success
  • Increase funding for shared research facilities and instrumentation when the need arises
  • Improve our research culture with respect to inclusiveness, diversity, and equity
  • Diversify our funding portfolio by increasing opportunities in areas such as corporate and DOD funding
  • Enhance graduate student and postdoctoral recruitment and support the quality of their research experience
  • Expand and support undergraduate research opportunities across all of AS&E domains and identify ways to integrate education with the research mission

Assist scholars and researchers in promoting their success, leveraging their work to enhance the reputation of the institution

  • Encourage scholars and researchers to communicate the impact of their work to the public
  • Build teams that include experts in communications, advancement, foundation relations, government relations, and federal funding to assist scholars and researchers in promoting our most promising research initiatives
  • Provide University Advancement with enhanced regular reports about our most exciting successes and future plans in research and scholarship
Interconnected Priorities
Intrinsic Inclusivity — Recruit and Retain