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Global Fair

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Wednesday, October 21, 2020
9am - 1pm

To attend, please visit this page

The Education Abroad Global Fair is designed to help students learn more about
education abroad opportunities available to them.
The fair features education abroad programs with which the University of Rochester has formal affiliations and exchange agreements. There will be virtual information booths for all UR education abroad programs, as well as other semester, year, and summer international opportunities. Representatives from many programs and exchange universities will be present.
Representatives from the Financial Aid Office will be on hand to advise students.  Other offices that will be present to answer questions and provide information include: the Office for Minority Student Affairs, the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the College Center for Advising Services,and many other departments.
Finally, education abroad returnees provide peer advising as they share stories and advice based on their own experiences abroad.

Guide to the Global Fair

What is availableDescription
Program BoothsStaffed by students, faculty, and staff, with at least one person representing a program.
UR Office BoothsStaffed by representatives from: Career Center, Advising Services, Fellowships, Financial Aid, Kearns Center, OMSA, and other offices.

How to navigate the Global Fair

Global Fair Navigation Chart

Questions you should consider asking:

  • Why should you go abroad?
  • What particular locations/programs are of interest to you?
  • What should you know before going abroad?
  • How can you go abroad as a(n) ____ major?
  • What are some courses to take to prepare you for going abroad?
  • How can your education abroad program meet your academic needs?
  • How can you go abroad as part of the Take Five Scholars Program?
  • What are the advantages of doing an internship abroad?
  • How will going abroad affect your résumé, job or graduate school applications?

Click here to view a table map and program listing for the 2019 Global Fair.