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Parent & Family


Move-in day

Going off to college is a big transition for everyone. Here at the University of Rochester, we recognize that it's not just the student joining the Yellowjacket family. That's why we make sure that during Parent and Family Orientation, you can learn more about what the University has to offer not just for the students, but also for the whole family.

About the Parent and Family Orientation Program

Parent and Family Orientation at the University of Rochester is a two-day program designed for parents and/or family of first-year or transfer undergraduate students. The goal is to provide a clear understanding of the resources available for students, parents, and families through the University and  to help families feel comfortable leaving their students to study and be part of the University of Rochester community.

During this program, parents and families will learn about student services, including:

  • Advising
  • Learning assistance
  • Career resources
  • Campus security

Families will also have the opportunity to meet deans, faculty, and other key University staff members.


Parent and Family Relations helps families understand and support the student experience, learning, and growth. This office provides support and assists in orienting parents and families of students. We serve as a resource for parents and families throughout their student’s undergraduate career. Our goal is for you to feel informed, valued, and respected as a member of the University of Rochester parent/family community.

Please contact Parent and Family Relations at (585) 275 - 5415 or with questions or concerns.   

Welcome Celebrations are casual summer gatheringts to meet other incoming first-year students and their families, as well as current students, parents, and University alumni in a number of different cities. Check out our website link for more information and to register for these events! 

Transitioning to College Life

The transition to college life for both students and their families unfolds in stages. Below you will find some of the information we find helpful in preparation for this transition.

Stage One: Transitioning

Over the past several months, you and your student have already begun the transition phase as you start preparing for them to leave for college. Our website and the Parents Buzz email newsletter are great tools to help with this process.

Once on campus, move-in day activities and the “Meet the Dean of First-Year Students” sessions are an essential component to transition.

Stage Two: Settling In

The University will become a home away from home for students. Meal plans, housing, personal well-being, and decision-making will be addressed in these sessions.

Stage Three: First-Year Possibilities

Attending our Parent and Family Orientation helps you gain a better understanding of the opportunities and support available to University of Rochester students. Essential components of academic progress, personal, and social well-being are addressed.