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Student Organization Events and Activities

How do organizations propose an event?

After speaking with their advisor, student organizations can propose an event by using the Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity, Or Program Proposal form on the CCC Forms page. This must be completed and approved before the event registration process can occur. The form should be submitted a minimum of 15 days prior to a proposed event. Every effort should be made to make events virtual. Limited hybrid and in-person events may occur spending space and policy guidelines. Student Organizations will be limited to at most 1 in-person or hybrid event this fall.

How long will the approval process take?

The Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity, Or Program Proposal form should be submitted a minimum of 15 days prior to the event. After you submit the Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity, Or Program Proposal form, the process can take around 15 days to be approved. Virtual proposal forms are approved quicker than 15 days.

Can organizations have in-person events?

Limited in-person events for student organizations will occur in the fall. All ideas for events must be submitted via the Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity, Or Program Proposal form.

Is food allowed at events?

At this time no food is allowed at student organization events per university guidelines.

Some events hosted or co-hosted by Student Engagement Offices (like WCSA) may have food due to the mission of the hosting organization or department.

Can organizations have meetings?

Student organizations are permitted to host meetings.  Limited meetings in-person can occur. Student organizations will not be permitted to hold in-person general membership meetings, but can request to hold in person executive board meetings of up to 10 people. Unlike previous semesters, organizations will not submit requests through Virtual EMS (VEMS) for a specific location. Please complete an Organization Executive Board Meeting Request indicating need and preferences for days. Student organizations looking to host general interest meetings and/or other meetings must complete the Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity, Or Program Proposal form on CCC.

Do organizations need to fill out an event proposal and event registration form for each General Member meeting?

A form does not need to be submitted each time. Please list all dates on your initial submission for approval. All reoccurring dates can be submitted on one event registration submission.

What if my organization’s in-person event will need PPE like sanitizer and/or plastic shields for registration?

All student organization in-person events must have a student engagement/student activities office as their partner. Once the event is approved, the resources needed will be identified through the event registration process and the student engagement office will assist with needed supplies.

Do I need to track who is attending my organization’s in-person activity or event?

Yes, all events must utilize the registration and event check-in features available through CCC.

Can organizations do volunteering?

At this time in-person volunteering is prohibited. However, student organizations should be creative to see what virtual volunteering and community service opportunities could exist.

What is the difference between virtual and online events?

Online and virtual events are identical. These are events that have no in-person component and happen completely online. The proposal process is the same for these events as well.

Does "no off-campus members at events" mean no non-UR students at events, or does it mean that UR students who live off campus are not permitted to go to events?

“No off-campus members at events” means no non-university community members in attendance or participating. Off-campus UR students can attend events.

Will student organizations have access to their storage or offices?

Student organizations will not be permitted to access and use their offices for meetings.  Organization storage keys will not be signed out and swipe access will not be granted for the fall. If organizations need access to supplies in their storage for an approved event, they will need to communicate the need in the event planning process with their advisor and arrangements will be made to get access to the supplies.

What if there are students at my organization’s event who are not following the safety precautions?

The first step would be to talk directly to the student. If they are not willing to comply with the safety precautions, you may ask them to leave the event. In-person events will also have event managers present to assist and if needed, situations can be reported using the COVID-19 Concern Report.

What if my student organization wants to go inactive?

If your organization wants to go inactive for the 2020-2021 academic year, complete the reregistration process on CCC and indicate in the first question that your organization would like to go inactive. There will be no negative consequences to any organizations who choose to go inactive for the year. Inactive organizations will not be required to complete the Student Organization Annual Review. If your organization determines going inactive is the best option, your organization will not receive funding, will be unable to host events or programs, will be removed from the public view on CCC, and will not eligible for any student organization awards this academic year. Organizations who choose to go inactive will be contacted during the spring semester regarding the reactivation process for the fall. If you would like to discuss this decision, please reach out to your organization’s primary advisor.

Will there still be a Student Organization Annual Report (SOAR) for the 2020-2021 academic year?

Yes! The annual SOAR Report will take place at the end of the fall semester. The Administration & Review Committee (ARC) is currently making adjustments to the categories within the report that may have been affected by COVID. ARC will be providing updates through the monthly Student Organization Insider, and on the SA Government website.

What should my Student Organization do if we cannot follow sections of our constitution?

The Administration & Review Committee (ARC) is currently working on developing COVID addendums to provide temporary updates to your Constitution due to COVID. These addendums will be valid for the 2020-2021 academic year. Please complete a Constitution Update Interest form to request a COVID addendum for your Student Organization.

What if my Student Organization cannot meet our mission this year?

The Administration & Review Committee (ARC) understands and empathizes with Student Organizations that cannot function as normal this year. However, there are multiple outlets for Student Organizations to use during these times. For example, scheduling Medallion workshops for your members, or other internal programming techniques like making connections within your membership; which you can discuss with your organization’s advisor. ARC is also a resource Student Organizations can use. ARC is offering special COVID addendums, Constitution updates, and email correspondence or virtual meetings with an ARC analyst. If there is something your Student Organization needs, you can always contact ARC at

Will the New Organization Proposal form be open for the 2020-2021 academic year?

Yes! The New Organization Proposal is open. You can find more information regarding this process on the WCSA website.

What happens if my organization did not complete Fall Leadership Training?

The completion of Fall Leadership Training is one of the items included in the Student Organization Annual Review. Organizations will receive credit for Fall Leadership Training as long as one officer completed these three sessions by September 18: Fall Leadership Training Kickoff & Advisor Session, How to Operate During COVID-19, and Event Registration for Fall Semester. The rubric will positively reward organizations who had more than one officer complete these three sessions. The rubric will also consider organization officers who completed additional CCC or Leadership Development modules (beyond the required 3) during the Fall Leadership Training period. While credit will not be awarded, officers can still access the information and learn from Fall Leadership Training by accessing the module on Blackboard (if access was previously assigned) or by self-enrolling in the Blackboard module. Instructor code is 2004.

What happens if my organization did not complete the Re-Registration process by the deadline?

The Student Organization Annual Review rubric takes into consideration organizations who complete the re-registration process on time (September 18). Organizations who complete the process by Sunday, October 4 at midnight will see a late registration as part of their evaluation, but will still receive some credit. Organizations who do not complete the process by October 4 will not receive credit for this section of the Student Organization Annual Review and could also lose their privileges associated with being a student organization.

How do I reserve a room for my organization's executive board meetings, outdoor GMMs, rehearsals, or club sports practices?

The priority deadline for executive board meetings, outdoor GMMs, rehearsals, and club sport practices has passed but if you missed it you can still submit. We will still review and, if there is a space available, we will do our best to try and find a space from what is available at that time.

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Student Organization Funding

How will funding work this year?

Student Organizations that would like to host a program that requires financial resources will need to be submitted through the COVID Event and Program proposal process.

Will student organizations still have a budget?

Budgets will be frozen for this academic year, SAAC will be following the updated funding guidelines and will do everything in our capabilities to ensure student organizations can still operate. 

What happens to our money if my organization does not receive a budget, but banks with SOFO?

Student Organizations that bank with SOFO can still access their funds by completing a Virtual Green Form. 

What happens to money raised through a previous event or through alumni donations?

For the 2020-2021 academic year, all excess income earned last year, will be rolled over.  Donations that are not used on an annual basis, will continue to rollover into future years. 

Are organizations able to do fundraising?

Organizations interested in doing fundraising must still start with the fundraising form.

What happens if my organization did not complete the Business Managers Training?

The Student Organization Annual Review evaluation will reflect those organizations who did not complete the Business Manager Training by September 18 (first deadline) or September 30 (second deadline). Organizations that do not complete the training by September 30 without receiving approval for an exception may be restricted from accessing SA funding for this academic year.

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Event Planning

How does a student organization or department plan an event?

Any student organization requesting to host an event must complete the event proposal and event registration processes through their designated school. To complete the event proposal process, student organizations must complete the Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity, or Program Proposal form. Once the form is reviewed and approved by the event registration committee, instructions will be given regarding the designated event registration process.

Any department requesting to host a meeting or an event must complete the Departmental Proposal form. Event & Classroom Management manages the departmental event approval process.

Where can I find the University guidelines regarding events?

Information on University event guidelines can be found on the University Coronavirus Update page.

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Student Life Spaces and Services

What spaces can events be held in?

Organizations will not submit a request for a specific location this fall but will rather request to hold an event and an available space that meets the needs of the event will be identified and reserved.  The majority of events will take place in the May Room, the new tent in front of LeChase, or on the Wilson Quad.

How does my organization reserve the tent on Wilson Quad?

To request the tent for an event you will start by filling out the Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity, or Program Proposal form. If requesting the tent for a rehearsal, organizations should complete the Rehearsal/Practice/Activity Tent Survey.

How do I reserve a banner space, the chalkboard, digital signage, or other promotional opportunities?

Once you have completed the Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Event, Activity or Program Proposal, and received approval, you will be given access to the Promotional Opportunities form.

Can I reserve a flex table or info table?

Due to the impact of COVID-19 and our ongoing social distancing efforts, we will not be accepting any reservations for the flex or info tables for the fall semester.

Will the Douglass Community Kitchen be available for the fall?

The Community Kitchen will not be available for cooking events for the fall.

Who do I contact for lost and found?

Please use the Lost & Found Report form to inquire about a missing item. This form is monitored by Wilson Commons Student Activities and Event and Classroom Management.

Have building hours changed for the fall semester?

Updated building hours are located on the WCSA website.

Where can I study on campus?

The following study spaces are available daily from 6 - 11 p.m.:

Genesee: 308 and 321;
Douglass Commons: 404 and 407;
Gavett 208 and 244;
Goergen Hall 102;
Harkness 114;
Hylan 303;
Meliora 210;
Rettner 201 and 307;
LeChase: 103, 104, 121, 122, 124, 141, 143, 148, 160, 161, 163, 181, 182, and 184.

Swipe your ID to enter and follow the posted rules. Food is not allowed, masks required at all times, and furniture cannot be moved.

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