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Event Planning

Virtual EMS

Creating an Account

VEMS Access is granted to a listed officer of an SA Approved Student Organization. To transfer access please complete and submit the Virtual EMS form.

Please note, it can take up to 5 business days to process.

Using Virtual EMS

Please remember that what you submit using Virtual EMS is a request for a reservation. Before requesting a reservation you may need to Create an Account.

Some spaces can only be reserved more than three (3), eight (8), or thirty (30) days from your event date. To see which rooms must be reserved in what timeline, review the reservation template list or see the rooms in templates section of the visual tutorial below.

Requests are not finalized until you receive a confirmation from the reservation coordinator.

For instruction on how to log in, change password, submit/edit/cancel a reservation request, and a table of which rooms are available on which templates, please refer to our visual tutorial.

Even without an account, you can browse for available space. See the images below or download the PDF for more information.

VEMS Browse link

VEMS browse detail