Furniture Policy

If the furniture in a lounge space or meeting room is moved, it must be returned to its original location by the sponsoring organization. If it is not returned to its original setup, a room re-set fee will be charged. Furniture cannot be removed from a space without prior permission from Wilson Commons Student Activities or Event and Classroom Management.

Furniture cannot be placed in fire egress areas and cannot be used to totally block off a space. Decorations (e.g., streamers) can be used to create a temporary barrier for an event space (but cannot be taped to any painted surfaces) and must be removed by the sponsoring organization at the end of their event.

In Wilson Commons’ Hirst Lounge, the only furniture that can be moved by a sponsoring organization are the two information tables in the front of the space. These tables cannot be dragged; they must be picked up to be moved and then returned to their original locations by the sponsoring organization. No other furniture can be moved without working with Event and Classroom Management (ECM). If the soft furniture under the clocks must be moved from its original location for an event, a $100 furniture fee will be charged per event.

Furniture in Wilson Commons conference rooms cannot be moved without working with ECM.