Spurrier Hall Policies

Access Policy

To unload and load supplies for events in Spurrier, the designated location is the Susan B. Anthony Hall loading dock. Please put on your hazard lights while at the dock.

Vehicles cannot remain at the loading dock during events.

Dance Studio Policy

Academic uses have priority for this space. This includes regularly scheduled classes as well as rehearsals by students related to classes, faculty use for rehearsal and class preparation, use by visiting artists, performances, workshops, and lectures sponsored by the Program of Dance and Movement.

Every effort will be made by the Program of Dance and Movement to schedule the space prior to the start of each semester. However, there may be occasions when a special reservation may be necessary. Once notified by the Program of Dance and Movement, Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) will make every effort to reschedule your organization to another location. Students are to use this space only during their reserved time.

To facilitate event scheduling, we do not allow organizations to schedule weekly Friday practices in the studio. If there is no event scheduled, the room will become available to book via Virtual EMS two weeks in advance.

Appropriate Use of the Studio

Please respect the dance studio and leave it better than you found it. Only clean, soft dance shoes and bare feet are allowed on the wood floor. Dance shoes with heels that mark or scratch the floor are not permitted and rosin is not permitted. 

Props are not permitted on the dance floor.

No food or drink, aside from water, is allowed in the dance studio at any time. No items of any sort may be placed or left in the taped-off fire exit area. Windows and doors must be closed and locked when exiting the studio.

The dance program’s mats are not to be used without permission. Organizations must provide their own source of music as there is no access to installed sound equipment. The studio must be left in clean condition at the end of the day so it is ready for classes the next morning. Please take your water bottles and clothes with you when you leave the studio.

Dance Studio Security

When an Organization has a reservation for the space, the reservation contact person will be granted card-swipe access for the room. Only organization members who have completed a contract will be able to gain access. It is your responsibility to make sure the dance studio doors and windows are closed and locked after your rehearsal or performance. 

Your organization is responsible for the space when you have it reserved, so please be sure to secure the studio and permit the next user of the space to card-swipe into the room.

Dance Studio Piano

The piano should never be moved, as moving the instrument excessively can affect its tuning. If there is an unusual and necessary reason to move the piano, a written or emailed request must be made to the director of the Program of Dance and Movement.  

Gymnasium Policy

The gymnasium is for use by University of Rochester campus community members only. Use of the gymnasium is only permitted during regular building hours of operation

The gymnasium is a reservable space available for open gym use after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends by contacting the building manager to gain access. You will be required to leave your University ID with the building manager and sign in while using the gym, and are responsible for following all rules for the use of the space. 

If you have non-University of Rochester guests that would like to use the gym with you, tyou must remain with them for the duration of their gym use. You are also responsible for removing any trash and keeping the space clean. The building manager can be reached at (585) 622-5996.

All individuals must have the appropriate non-marking sneakers for use on the basketball court. NO boots, sandals, dress shoes, flip-flops, or bare feet allowed.

Hanging on the rim, backboard, or net is not permitted. Please report any broken equipment or concerns to the building manager immediately.

No food or gum is allowed in the gymnasium. Water and sports drinks are permitted in drinking bottles with secure lids. No glass containers allowed.

Practice Room Policy

Keys for the practice rooms can be signed out from the Music Department in Dewey Hall 1-339. When you leave a practice room please turn off the lights and lock the door behind you. Practice rooms are only open during building hours.

Piano Policy

No drinks are allowed on the pianos. If there is an issue with a piano, please report it to the Building Manager.