Collection Drive Policy

To host a collection drive on campus student organizations must submit an event registration form indicating that the event will be a collection drive. Boxes placed without an approved event registration will be removed. There are limited locations approved for collection drive boxes, listed below, that are requested through the event registration process.  These requests must be submitted at least five business days prior to the start of the requested reservation date. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Please be aware that organizations are not guaranteed the donation box space(s) they request.

At the conclusion of the reservation period, the collection box(es) must be picked up by the reserving organization within two days.

The student organization or department will provide the donation box. It must be labeled with the sponsoring organization or department, the dates of the collection, where the items will be donated, and what items will be accepted (e.g., clothing, non-perishable food items, school supplies, etc.).

Currency CANNOT be collected in the donation boxes. 

The student organization or department should check the donation box frequently to empty the contents. Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) is not responsible for theft of items placed in the donation box.

Approved Locations

Anderson Tower – Lobby

Brooks Crossing Apartments - Community Room, River Level

Burton Hall - First Floor Lounge

Crosby Hall - 0 Lounge

Genesee Hall - 3rd floor residence hall lounge opposite the kitchen

Gilbert Hall – First Floor Lobby/Vending Area

Hill Court, Gale House - Entry Lobby

Hoeing Hall - Laundry Room

Lovejoy Hall - Laundry Room

O'Brien Hall - Community Kitchen

Riverview Apartments - Building F

Susan B. Anthony Hall - First Floor Elevator Lobby

Tiernan Hall - Laundry Room

Valentine Tower - Community Room

Wilder Tower – Lobby

Wilson Commons - Common Connection Desk

Frederick Douglass Commons - Building Manager Desk

Genesee Hall - Building Manager Desk

Hillside Market (only for events working with the Food Pantry)