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Expression Wall Policy

The WCSA Resource Request Form is online.

Awareness opportunities reservations last up to two weeks per group per project for the third floor display case and donation box in Wilson Commons. Reservations last up to one week per group per project for the expression walls. To ensure equal and fair access to others, groups cannot schedule consecutive reservation periods. If multiple groups are involved in the project, the reservation period is still limited to the aforementioned time limit.

These areas are NOT to be used to promote singular events. Past project examples include:

  • Nationally recognized weeks or months
  • Community weekends
  • Awareness of social issues

The expression walls and display case cannot be requested on the same reservation; however, the donation box can be requested in conjunction with a reservation for the expression wall or display case.

Expression Walls are great spaces to promote awareness of social issues and nationally recognized weeks or months. 

Expression Walls are located in:

Wilson Commons: Third floor hallway across from the single stall bathrooms near the Starbucks lounge.

Frederick Douglass Commons: Third floor lounge.

Usage Policy

  • Expression Walls can be reserved for up to two weeks.
  • Only one Expression Wall can be reserved at a time.
  • Expression Wall displays can not overlap with chalkboard or display case reservations.
    • Collaborating organizations or departments cannot make additional reservations immediately following each display date ranges.


Requests to reserve Expression Wall space must be submitted at least five business days prior to the start of the reservation. Requests can be submitted by filling out the WCSA Resource Request form.

An email will be sent to the requestor either approving or denying the reservation.