Paint/Tie-Dye, and Messy Events Policy

Banner painting can only occur in Hirst Lounge in Wilson Commons. See the Banner Policy for details.

If paint, tie-dye, glitter, or other potentially messy substance is being used during an event, the sponsoring organization is responsible for covering and protecting all tables, surfaces, and floors surrounding the event space. Sponsoring organizations can work with Event and Classroom Management to provide plastic to cover event areas.

Only water-based art supplies can be used during an event.

All paint brushes and other equipment must be cleaned in a janitor's closet sink. This can be accessed through the building manager. Supplies should not be cleaned in bathroom sinks.

If event participants need to use the bathrooms to clean themselves up after an event (e.g., throwing cream pies, food sales, etc.), the sponsoring organization is responsible for providing the supplies for the participants to clean themselves off and must check the bathrooms after the event.

If something does spill or make a mess, the sponsoring organization is responsible for contacting the building manager immediately.