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Ticket Policy for Hosting Organizations

The Wilson Commons Student Activities (WCSA) Ticket Program offers several options for selling tickets to events sponsored by Student Organizations and University departments. Using University tickets you and your customers can see your event online and read information about the event: Visit University Tickets. Tickets can be sold online and/or at The Common Market for UR students, faculty, staff and the general public. Non-University affiliated groups are not permitted to sell tickets through the WCSA Ticket Program.

If the College Student Organization, Fraternity and Sorority Life Organization and Residential Life Organization are fundraising, the Fundraising Policy takes precedent and must be followed.

Ticketed Event Policies

  • Ticket sales are only available during the academic year.
  • All ticket requests must be submitted on the Campus Community Connection (CCC) for ticketed events utilizing the WCSA Ticket Program.
    • Events that have multiple showings must have a Ticket Request Form submitted for each individual showing.
  • Ticket Request Forms will be reviewed by the WCSA Ticket Team and the organization’s primary advisor before going on sale.
  • Tickets for new events go on sale every Monday morning at 11:00 A.M. when The Common Market opens. This applies to both in-person sales as well as online sales.
    • Tickets will not go on sale on federal holidays or when the University is closed.
  • Ticket Request Forms must be submitted no later than Wednesday at 11:59 P.M. to qualify for the following Monday on-sale date.
    • If requesting the Mobile Box Office the ticket request form must be submitted two weeks before the event.
  • Online sales end at 3 P.M. the day of the event or 3 P.M. on Friday for events that occur over the weekend so that a will Call list can be generated.
  • Pre-printed tickets may be requested by Departments and Graduate Organizations.
    • Pre-printed tickets display the price of the ticket and are typically sold at the door of the event.
    • Tickets will be available for pick-up at 11:00 A.M. at the Common Connection desk (Wilson Commons 201) the Monday the tickets go on sale.
  • Complimentary (comp) tickets can be requested by Departments, College Student Organizations, Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Residential Life Groups can request
    • Comp tickets display $0.00 as the price of the ticket. These tickets are typically used for event managers, advisors, giveaways or special guest tickets.
    • College Student Organizations requesting more than 15 comp tickets will need approval from their primary advisor.
  • Tickets printed at The Common Market appear as follows: 

Ticket Markup Example

    • “Off-the-Stack” tickets may be sold at The Common Market. These tickets are provided by the hosting organization and are not printed at The Common Market (ex: movie theater tickets, tickets to Darien Lake, etc).
      • Tickets, along with any additional relevant documents such as travel sign-up sheets, must be delivered to Wilson Commons 201 no later than the Friday prior to the Monday on-sale date.
      • Student Organizations must receive approval from both their primary advisor and the WCSA Ticket Team to sell “Off-the-Stack” tickets.
    • Tickets sold at The Common Market will be available for purchase with cash, credit card, and URos, unless the hosting organization specifically requests one of these options be removed. Online purchases can be made with credit card only.
      • Events that utilize Meliora Catering, may sell tickets using declining funds, following approval from Meliora Catering and the WCSA Ticket Team. This approval can be requested on the Ticket Request Form.
        • See appendix A for more information regarding the guidelines for declining.
    • Closed events with a predetermined guest list are not allowed to use the WCSA Ticket Program (ex: ABC123 club wants to take a predetermined group of members to a Red Wings game).

  • Student Organizations that are hosting an event with restrictions on who is eligible to purchase a ticket can still use the WCSA Ticket Program.
    • A list of eligible participants must be provided prior to the start of ticket sales.
  • College Student Organizations selling tickets to events or requiring ticket printing services, must utilize the WCSA Ticket Program.
    • Fraternity and Sorority Life organizations and Residential Life Groups are not required to use the WCSA Ticket Program.
  • College Student Organizations, and programs that have received supplemental funding must have a price difference between student tickets and non-student tickets. With an exception for Catered meals.
    • Budgeted events, events receiving supplemental funds, and tickets sold with declining Ticket prices for Catered meals must be equal to the cost of food and beverage (plus administrative fees).
  • All College Student Organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Residential Life Groups must adhere to the policies listed in the Event Registration Policies and Guides View the Event Registration Policies and Guides.
  • Exceptions to this policy can be requested through the WCSA Exception form: Request an Exception.

Door Sales

  • Mobile Box Office is not available for University Departments and Graduate Student Organizations.
    • University Departments and Graduate Student Organizations interested in offering at door sales can request pre-print tickets.
  • College Student Organizations must use the WCSA Ticket Program for at the door sales.
    • This includes funded and non-funded organizations.
    • Fraternity & Sorority Life groups using the WCSA Ticket Program for sales at The Commons Market or online, must follow the door sale/MBO policy.
    • Events with less than 50 guests that wish to offer door sales, will be required to sign out petty cash and a cash box through the WCSA Ticket Program. The Student Organization will be responsible for selling tickets at the door.
      • Each petty cash bag will come with a pre-determined amount of cash and a reconciliation sheet.
      • If the event happens during the week, the bag will be ready to be picked up by 12 noon that day from the SOFO office. If the event is on the weekend, the bag must be picked up by Friday at 3 P.M.. 
      • Immediately following the event, the Student Organization must return all of the cash (petty cash and earned income), the complete reconciliation sheet and the cash box/bag, to the Common Connection in Wilson Commons.
    • Events with 50 or more guests must use the Mobile Box Office for all door sales.
      • The Mobile Box Office will accept cash and credit card sales.
      • The Mobile Box Office will be staffed by a student employee of WCSA
        • If an event requested door sales and sells out prior to the event date/time, then a box office student employee will distribute online tickets at the event.
  • All door sale tickets must be sold at the general public ticket rate.

Ticketed Event Fees

  • Current ticket event fees are as follows:

Event and Ticket Fees

College Student Organizations and Fraternity & Sorority Life

University Recognized Graduate Organizations

University Departments

The Common Market Only




Online Only




Both The Common Market and Online




Pre-Prints Only




Price Per Ticket Printed




If your event is canceled, you may be assessed applicable fees.

  • Hosting Parties will be required to pay event fees based on the sale option(s) requested. There will also be a printing fee for each individual ticket printed. These fees will be subtracted from the profits of ticket sales.
  • Events with complex ticketing requirements or special requests may be subject to additional fees at the discretion of the WCSA Ticket Team.

Post-Event Expectations

  • After the completion of an event, WCSA staff will confirm final sales numbers and submit these figures, via email, to the hosting organization’s business manager, event coordinator, and primary advisor as listed on the Ticket Request Form. Please allow for up to one month for this communication to be processed and sent.
  • Once the above email is sent, the revenue less event and printing fees will be disbursed to the hosting parties.
    • College Student Organizations, Departments, and Graduate Organizations, net sales will be transferred internally into their account(s).
    • Fraternity and Sorority Life net sales will be issued via check.

Ticketed Events Requiring Travel

  • Events that involve traveling more than 25 miles away from campus (using Rush Rhees Library as your starting point) must adhere to the Group Travel Policy: View the Group Travel Policy.
  • For these events, ticket sales will end when The Common Market closes one business day prior to the event date, or 3:00 P.M. on Friday for weekend events.
  • Ticket sales are limited to one ticket per person and will only be sold to the individual who is attending/traveling. Sales are limited to currently enrolled undergraduate students who have completed their individual travel waiver. These tickets are non-transferable.

Ticketed Events with Catered Meals

  • The Ticketed Events with Catered Meals policy only applies to College Student Organizations, Fraternity and Sorority Life, and Residential Life Groups.
  • Ticket sales will end the night before the caterer’s final head count is due when The Common Market closes.

Declining Guidelines

  • Students and Student Organizations may request to use declining as a method of payment for Catering Events on the University of Rochester River or Eastman Campuses.
  • Declining can only be used towards the ticket price (equal to the cost of food) at an event ordered through Meliora Catering.
  • Declining cannot be used to pay for alcohol or alcohol-related expenses.
  • Declining cannot be donated to help cover the cost of an event.
  • A student organization cannot use both the WCSA Ticket Program and Meliora Catering to collect declining for an event.
  • Declining can be used to cover the costs of ticket fees through The Common Market as well as the Meliora Catering Administrative Fee.
  • A final guest count must be sent to Meliora Catering by 9 A.M. at least three business days prior to the event.
  • The total guest count provided to Meliora Catering will be based off of the actual number of tickets sold.