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Chalking Policy

While chalking is permitted on River Campus sidewalks by members of the University community, chalking is prohibited on the following surfaces:

  • Any vertical surfaces, including walls, sides of buildings/stairways, and stairs
  • Under any awning or other structure that could potentially obstruct rain from washing the chalk away (e.g., the area under the awning at Susan B. Anthony Halls, balconies, etc.)
  • Any brick surfaces, horizontal or vertical, including pavers, stairs, the Wilson Commons porch, and outside of Meliora Hall
  • Any street surface (e.g., Intercampus Drive, Wilson Boulevard, etc.)

Spray chalk cannot be utilized on any surface. 

Do not chalk over or add additional chalk to current chalked messages.

All University members are encouraged to ensure that the content of chalking adheres to the Meliora Vision & Values. View the Meliora Vision & Values.

The University reserves the right to remove chalk at our discretion.

Chalk may be removed at any time based at the discretion of the grounds crew and in accordance with their cleaning schedule. 

Student organizations should talk to their advisor if they have any questions about this policy.